7 Reasons To Be Your Own Valentine This V-Day

Do not, I repeat, do not get allow yourself to come down with a case of the "Single on V-Day" blues. First of all, historically, Valentine's Day was not even about romantic love. It was originally called Lupercalia, and it was the mark of the Roman fertility season! It was only after the Catholic church got involved that it became associated with Saint Valentine and became about love between humans. Before that, it was just as much of a holiday for the freaking mating birds as it was for a holiday for singles. So before you go and tell yourself that you're missing out on participating in one of our oldest traditions, remember that it's actually the result of a big game of cultural telephone, spread out over a few centuries and tweaked for the sake of social agenda.

Second of all, psychologically, Valentine's Day can put a lot of pressure on couples to achieve a certain standard that might be unnatural or ill-timed. That "stop, drop, and Valentine" mentality is not necessarily the healthiest. Sure, there's never a bad time to tell someone you love them or give and receive romance, but the pressure to feel a certain way on a certain day because a calendar tells you to, is not the best way to explore and express authentic feelings.

Third of all, who knows you better than you? Here are seven reasons why you're better off being your own Valentine anyway:

No Performance Anxiety

You don't need to worry about a relationship every other minute during the days before the holiday, hoping that it's in a good enough place to yield a bountiful V-Day. There's nothing to be anxious over. Feb. 14 will be whatever you make of it. Or don't. No prep necessary.

No Stress Over Gift Giving

Finding your Valentine a gift that they like, will use, and will make them feel loved, can be impossible. Feel free to show up empty-handed this year. Or, get yourself a gift that you know you'll like!

No Awkward Gift Hating

Yano that awkward feeling when you're given a gift that you absolutely hate and don't know what to do with your face? You want that person to know you appreciate it and are grateful but at the same time you're partially offended that they would be so off with their selection? Yeah, when you're your own Valentine, that's not going to be an issue.

No Disappointments

No matter how good of a place you are in with your partner, when you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a lover, you have expectations. And just like how most birthdays end in tears, so do most V-Days. You know what you like, you won't disappoint.

All The Self Love

Take the day to think about the things you like about yourself! Treat yourself like the goddess you are by doing whatever it is that makes you feel good. Maybe it's a manicure, maybe it's a pizza party, maybe it's some meditation. Just do what seems right and be proud of yourself for being you.

All The Positivity

You're not single because the court ordered it! You're single because you chose to be! You're single because you're doing you right now and there's no better place to put your energy. Celebrate all that you've done for yourself and find peace with the holiday.

All The Chocolates

Eat whatever the hell you want! You don't have to share it with anyone! Get yourself a box of chocolates and take little bites out of each one until you find the ones you like and don't worry about anyone complaining about it. When you're your own Valentine, you don't have to share!

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