Doyle Is Returning To 'Gilmore Girls,' But Will He Still Be With Paris?

Stop the presses! TV Line has confirmed Danny Strong is bringing Doyle back for the Gilmore Girls revival. While there has been lots of speculation about the love lives of Lorelai and Luke, it sounds like Paris and Doyle could still be going strong after all this time. Former editor of the Yale Daily News, Doyle was last seen promising Paris he would follow her wherever she went (in a romantic way, not a creepy one), and it sounds like he has kept his promise. Strong's TV partner in love and snark Liza Weil, aka Paris, has already been confirmed for the revival.

Both Paris and Doyle had major ambitions for their post-college lives. Paris was heading to medical school and Doyle, while vowing to let Paris make the major decisions, was always an intrepid reporter. They were a serious power couple when they were younger, so don't be surprised if they have totally conquered the world by the time the revival starts.

While I am fairly certain Doyle's biggest contribution to the revival will be his continued presence in Paris' life, there could be more going on for him than his long-term relationship. Unless Doyle has switched fields, he and Rory are both journalists. Could Rory be working for Doyle or vice versa? They were both editors of the Yale Daily News, and Doyle was an early mentor to Rory before he and Paris became inseparable.

Doyle wasn't a Stars Hollow regular, but his role in Paris and Rory's life was major. Having him back not only signals that at least one couple from the show is still totally rocking their relationship (Paris and Doyle, giving you #relationshipgoals since 2004), it also means Rory has maintained strong ties with Paris. Basically, there is no bad to be found in the return of Doyle. Of course, there is one question that must be answered: Did Paris and Doyle get married? They were always such a modern couple, it is hard to imagine them doing something so traditional. The state of their union is definitely a question that needs to be answered though. If Paris did get married, she likely had the most organized wedding of all-time, and the world needs to hear that story.

It's amazing the busy Strong had time to bring Doyle back to the world of Gilmore Girls. Since the show ended, Strong has become a big deal in the entertainment world. He has become a prolific, award-winning screenwriter working with Lee Daniels on The Butler and Empire, while also bringing groundbreaking TV movies like Game Change and Recount to life on the small screen. Paris would be so proud.

Now that Doyle is back, prepare yourself for some major boss couple moments in the revival. There is no way time has mellowed Paris and Doyle, and I am certain fans wouldn't have it any other way.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; oywiththepoodlesalready/Tumblr