The Most Ilana Outfits From 'Broad City's' Trailer

It feels like forever since season 2 of Broad City wrapped up in March 2015, but we're finally being blessed with the Broad City season 3 trailer — and with it, the growing anticipation of getting to see more of Ilana Wexler's wardrobe. While we wait for the longest week ever known to man to end so we can finally start the new season on Feb. 17, all we can do is re-read interviews with Abbi and Ilana while re-watching the new trailer over and over again. In the scheme of things, that's not the worst way I can imagine spending six days of my life.

Personally, my anticipation for the comedy and clothing in the new season of Broad City is already sky-high. Especially considering the obvious flight the besties are going to be taking together: Where are they going? What are they doing? Will we get to see some amazing beach-wear looks while they're doing it?

One thing's for sure: Wherever they're going, they're going to get there in style. What's more fashionable than launching a shoe at someone's head, right? Let's just hope that Ilana gets it back (and doesn't get thrown off her flight, I guess) because her shoe game is too perfect to let go of so easily. Here are the best Ilana outfits we have to look forward to already.

1. Childish Chic

Paired with a cute patterned shirt and frankly ridiculous hair, this look is the perfect combination of adorable and edgy. In other words, the things that basically define Ilana Wexler's style.

2. A Freaky Friday Thing

So, that is Abbi. But it's Abbi wearing one of Ilana's signature bras and a totally Ilana outfit, plus pigtails. I'm hoping this means we can expect some kind of Freaky Friday-themed episode or at least a makeover scene.

3. A Head Scarf & A Bra

When it works, it works. Although I'm pretty sure Ilana could make anything work.

4. Office-Appropriate Clothing

I can totally imagine Ilana hurriedly adding pencils to her hair to take this from an awesome casual look to something office-appropriate. The fabulousness is only emphasized by the boring office outfits coming from her colleagues. Yasss queen!

5. All About The Accessories

A pixellated "BAD" hat and a giant chain as a belt totally save an otherwise plain tank top. Can we also take a moment to appreciate how lovely Abbi's hair looks?

6. Feeling The Blonde Fantasy

I hope Ilana never gives up her curls, but I'm glad to see her love of wigs return for season 3.

7. A Dog Hoodie

A dog hoodie or a ponytail hoodie? You decide.

8. Whatever This Is

I don't understand, but I like it.

9. Bright Blue Boiler Suit

Ignore the fact that Abbi is destroying a child's fun — or don't, because it looks potentially hilarious — and check out Ilana's super cute jumpsuit. I just love her in bright colors.

Not only are our favorite BFFs back in town, but so are their cool and realistically-repeated wardrobes. I can't wait to steal Ilana's season 3 looks in my own summer style. Just saying.

Images: Broad City/Comedy Central