The 'Broad City' Season 3 Trailer Is Proof That Abbi & Ilana Are Still Total #BFFGoals — VIDEO

YAAAASSSSSS, the wait is almost over. Abbi and Ilana are finally back in the Broad City Season 3 trailer, and the best "fronds" are gearing up for another year of owning New York City, singledom, and being the greatest TV BFFs since Laverne and Shirley. There is so much going on in the Season 3 trailer, it's almost impossible to process it all, but it should be noted Abbi and Ilana are hitting the road — err, the sky, rather, since they're headed to a plane — this season. Seeing the girls outside the city is going to be sweet, but I suspect watching them get to their destination will be the best part. I mean, Ilana kicks off their trip by throwing her shoe at a flight attendant. Things can only continue to go up from there.

Travel plans aside, this season also boasts big name guest stars (I see you there, Cynthia Nixon), Ilana developing an addiction to the Grindr app, Abbi showing off her art at a swanky gallery, and the return of Ilana's mom. With flawless jokes, on point social commentary, and your favorite besties working their hilarious magic, this might just be the best season of the series yet.

If you are not convinced, then allow me to break the trailer down for you so you too can be in awe of the sheer amount of awesomeness ahead.

1. Abbi & Ilana Are As Wonderfully Oblivious As Ever

When Abbi and Ilana are together, it's like there is no one else in the world. That lady falling down all those steps in the background might disagree, but I think this is what real friendship looks like.

2. Cynthia Nixon Is There!

Sex and the City is about to meet Broad City in the best way possible. Nixon's character appears to be the latest boss to encounter Ilana's interesting work ethic. Ilana should at least get points for enthusiasm, right?

3. Abbi Is Freaking Out Over Blake Griffin

There is a serious chance that Abbi will hook up with professional basketball player Blake Griffin (or, at least, she'll give it her best shot), and she is psyched about it.

4. Ilana Has Developed A Grindr Addiction

She just wants to see penises within one mile of her, OK?

5. Tony Danza Is Guest Starring As... Someone

Besides getting covered in an impressive spit take by Ilana, it appears Danza is playing Abbi's dad. Of course, though, there is always a chance one of the girls decided to date an older suburbanite — so his role isn't totally clear yet. Either way, Danza is definitely not going to be the "boss" here (get it? Who's The Boss? Eh?) — but he will be funny.

6. Abbi & Ilana Become Contenders For The No-Fly List

Flinging your shoes at the people who work in the airport is generally frowned upon in real life. It is undeniably hilarious on Broad City though.

7. Lincoln & Ilana Are Still Rocking Their Undefined Relationship

Some things don't change on Broad City, and I am totally OK with that. Ilana is still choosing not to define her relationship with Lincoln, and Lincoln is still being adorably chill. In other worlds, they remain TV's most perfect not-couple.

8. Ilana's Mom Returns

Not only is Ilana's mom back, but she is also weaving conspiracy theories that would make Fox Mulder jealous.

9. Abbi & Ilana Are Going On A Weirdly Intense Cab Ride

The girls are having a crazy cab ride through what is apparently suburbia. Is city girl Ilana experiencing a major case of culture shock?

10. There Will Be A Shared Bath...


11. And This Happens

I have so many questions — but the biggest one is, how are Abbi and Ilana so perfect?

Broad City Season 3 premieres Feb. 17 on Comedy Central.

Images: Comedy Central (12)