10 Anti-Valentine’s Day Memes

It's Valentine’s Day, a holiday that is also known as the bane of my existence. I’m sure many of my fellow single people out there can relate, as can couples who are totally over this holiday altogether. To unite us in solidarity, these anti-Valentine’s Day memes will make you feel better about suffering through another Feb. 14. I mean, it’s coming whether we like it or not.

Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day can definitely be a downer. All that commercialized “love” floating around can make even the strongest of couples feel somewhat suffocated. (Obviously, I am not a fan, in case you couldn’t tell.) This year, why let yourself get sucked into a vortex of overpriced chocolate, wine, and irritation? Valentine’s Day is ridiculous, and while you may not feel like celebrating, you can at least crack a smile.

So let the Valentine’s Day blues flow over you one last time as you read through these anti-Valentine’s Day memes. Then get up, put on an outfit you love, find friends who share your anti-Valentine's Day sentiments, and have the time of your life this weekend. After all, there's no avoiding Valentine's Day. You might as well have a laugh.

1. Love is in the air

Thanks Sheldon, for cleansing us all.

2. Mo’ Money

Spending money on Valentine’s Day gifts and flowers is great, but so is spending it on basically anything else.

3. I’d write you a card but…

The best part about not celebrating Valentine’s Day? You don’t have to pretend to care.

4. Alone and proud of it

Yeah, so I plan to enjoy coffee and pie all alone on Valentine’s Day. I’m still winning.

5. Valentine’s Day sucks

Let’s just be real with each other, shall we? Even if you’re coupled up, it's still the worst.

6. Nope, love isn’t in the air.

In case we weren’t clear before, love is definitely not in the air.

7. Han Solo

Because you’re a single bad*ss.

8. Level Up

BOOM. Achievement unlocked. Beat that couples.

9. Flowers and candy?

Yep, that’s more like it.

10. Sleep all day

Screw early morning breakfast in bed and snuggles, I can sleep all day long and hog the entire bed.

Happy anti-Valentine’s Day

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