A Look At Selena Gomez's Dating Life

It is now a little more than three years since Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber officially broke up, albeit with some dating stints in between, but quite frankly, Gomez, myself, and most people, are really tired of hearing about it. In a recent profile for W Magazine, Gomez said of her relationship with Bieber, "I’m so exhausted. I honestly am so done. I care about his health and well-being. But I can’t do it anymore." Now that she's left Bieber behind (hopefully for good), I can't help but wonder: Is Selena Gomez dating anyone right now?

Breaking up with your first love is very often a painstakingly long ordeal, and Gomez has had to deal with it under scrutiny for many years, and the girl needs a BREAK. The 23-year-old really broke out into her own in 2015 with her most "adult" album, Revival, proving that she is a young, beautiful, and confident woman ready to mingle with a new batch of men. I am all for this.

And it sure looks like she is doing well in the dating realm, and has lately been repeatedly seen with a friend, Samuel Krost, who is starting to look a little more than just a friend.

But let's rewind just a few months. Back in November, Gomez was first seen holding hands with Krost, reported to be a friend of fellow Taylor Swift squad member Gigi Hadid. Us Weekly did some digging and found out Krost was an NYU business graduate working in sales and merchandising, who somehow found his way into the hot young Hollywood crowd.

A few days after they were spotting holding hand, Gomez and Krost were seen together at a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after-party in NYC. When asked by E! News of her relationship status, Gomez replied that she was dating "a little bit" but that she was "definitely single." Oh, modern romance can be so tricky! Speaking of tricky, a month later in December, rumors started swirling of Gomez sharing some PDA with Niall Horan of One Direction. The two were spotted on a few occasions, but the singer shot back that she and Horan were good friends and nothing more.

And now, back to Krost. Come January 2016, Gomez was seen on Krost's arm on a few nights out in Los Angeles, holding hands at 1OAK nightclub on Jan. 14 and exiting SLS Hotel on Jan. 17. I don't know about you, but these hand holding episodes look quite cozy to me. He even accompanied her to NYC ahead of her performance on Saturday Night Live, and they enjoyed dinner at Nobu.

It seems like Gomez and Krost have been friends for a few months and she is certainly comfortable around him, and I am happy for her. The "Good For You" singer deserves the company of a good man (or two) and if she's having fun and thriving, it's all for the best!