What Happened To Wes' Mom On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? There Might Be More To Her Suicide

With the extended winter break, I'm assuming we've all solved the mystery of Wes's past on How to Get Away with Murder , yes? We know how he relates to Christophe and why his name was changed when he was just a young boy? Better yet, we've definitely all figured out what actually happened to Wes' mother on HTGAWM , right? Because according to series' executive producer Pete Nowalk, that's the big mystery this season... and I didn't even know there was a mystery surrounding her death, so I'm really behind.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the show's producer gave away some telling secrets for the second half of the season that will have us going back in time, 10 years to be exact, as the new "murder night" becomes Wes' mom's death. In the interview, Nowalk says that we'll meet Rose, Wes' mom (or Christophe's mom?), who apparently killed herself. I say apparently, because if we know anything about How to Get Away with Murder, it's that nothing is as it seems... including Rose's death. "We'll meet Wes' mother, because that's the murder mystery we're trying to solve," Nowalk tells Entertainment Weekly. According to the producer, the rest of the season is "going to be telling the story of what happened to Wes’ mother over the back six episodes, so we’ll see flashbacks in each of those episodes."

OK, that certainly teases the season but it definitely doesn't give anything away. So, let's theorize, shall we?

We know that Annalise and Eve had something to do with young Wes/Christophe. In the flashbacks we've seen, Annalise and Eve are looking on as Christophe is interrogated by the police who took him in after his mother's apparent suicide, and they look concerned. Why? Because according to Eve, they have done something. We don't know what that something is, but Eve asks Annalise "What have we done?" and Annalise, believe it or not, Annalise doesn't explain it to the viewers right then and there. So rude.

It's possible that Annalise and Eve had something to do with Rose's death, since Nowalk is leading us to assume that there is some foul play involved. Perhaps they saw that she was not a fit parent and they chose to save Christophe from an unfit home? Their presence at the interrogation suggests that whatever they "did" brought Christophe to the police station.

The other possibility is that Annalise and Eve were possibly defending someone who was involved in Rose's death. That would explain why they were at the station and also how they might feel responsible. What it doesn't explain is why Christophe is now Wes and why Wes thinks his mother killed herself. All in good time.

Images: Gilles Mingasson/ABC; GetAwayWithGifs/Tumblr