The Identity Of Wes' Mom Is A Mystery On 'HTGAWM'

There has always been an air of mystery surrounding Wes' backstory on How To Get Away With Murder , and thanks to last November's midseason finale, we've finally been able to start putting the pieces together. After Wes shot Annalise for lying to him about Rebecca's death, she began whispering the name "Christophe" — a name, we assume, that used to belong to Wes. We then flashed back to a younger version of Wes sitting in an interrogation room, recounting the details of his mother's death, while a horrified Annalise and Eve listened in from the other side of the glass. And while I'm sure the rest of the details will get filled in as time goes on, my main interesting is establishing the connection between Annalise and Wes' family. Who is Wes' mom on HTGAWM and how does Annalise fit into her death?

That, I'm afraid, is the million dollar question and one that may end up taking a long time to answer. This show likes to keep us guessing for as long as possible, so I imagine it will take awhile for us to get to the bottom of things. However, that shouldn't prevent us from drawing our own conclusions about the whole ordeal. And, as it happens, I've managed to round up a few theories of my own regarding the identity of Wes' mom...

She's An Old Friend Of Annalise's

Annalise has always been strangely invested in Wes' life, ever since he first walked into her classroom, which suggests that their relationship stems back much further than any of us originally realized. Maybe Annalise was childhood friends with Wes' mom and kept in touch with her as the years went on.

She Was Annalise's Client

Then again, maybe their relationship was less personal and more of a professional nature. Perhaps Wes' father was abusive and his mother turned to Annalise for help prior to her death. This could've led Annalise to feel partially responsible for what happened and thereby took it upon herself to secretly look after Wes as a way to make up for it.

She Was Wes' Adopted Mother

Many have wondered if Annalise is actually Wes' biological mother, who later gave him up for adoption. Perhaps after Annalise gave birth to Wes, she still kept tabs on him, so when his "mother" died, she immediately decided to take on the case to make sure he was protected. Christophe could've been the name she had given him, before his adoptive mother changed it to Wes.

She's Related To Annalise

In the latest promo, we see Annalise holding a baby outside of her house, crying and saying "I can't." Could this be baby Wes? There's a chance that one of Annalise's relatives dropped him off at her house, unable to deal with being a parent, which forced Annalise to take the child under her wing and give him to another family.

I guess what I'm basically trying to say here is that Wes' mom could be anyone, but it will undoubtedly come with a complicated backstory that will (hopefully) at long last explain why Annalise seems so invested in Wes and she so often feels the need to come to his aid... regardless of what he's done.

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