7 Weird Caffeinated Items You Can Buy

Are you a coffee junkie? Do you know where every coffee joint is in your 20 mile radius? Is your wallet filled with frequent buyer punch cards at various cafes? Do you spend most of your morning hours sucking down mug after mug of that teeth-staining, warm mud just to have the strength to drag yourself to the office and power on your computer? Are you a "coffee before talky" kinda morning person? Do you literally not know how to hold a pen, compose a sentence or make facial expressions while talking to someone without a coffee-positive blood stream? Are you also tired of spending so much money on a drink that loses its temperature and taste way too quickly to be worth it?

Whether you gave up coffee for Lent and are looking for a sneaky way around it, or you need a break from four dollar lattes and brown stains on all of your shirtsleeves, or you're just getting tired of trying to convince yourself that you like the taste of coffee, I've got just the thing for you — a round up of seven caffeine products that don't come in a cup. Because getting the caffeine without the coffee isn't science fiction, it's real life. And if can be your life now, too.


Bath Buzz's caffeinated soap will provide a proper slap of energy in lieu a cup of Joe. It really delivers, and keeps you clean at the same time. Serious win/win.


Joule is a new reusable bracelet that can hold disposable caffeine patches, not dissimilar to nicotine patches. It releases the caffeine slow and steady do you're not going to crash and burn the same way a cup of coffee might make you.


Bathbuzz also makes a caffeinated body lotion that comes in a lavender scent. Give yourself a coffee massage and wake up your skin and your mind.

Lip Balm

This aptly named Spazzstick is made from locally sourced bees wax and coffee, offering an immediate hit of caffeine on the lips — some of the thinnest and most absorbent skin on the whole body.


People swear by Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo, saying it increases their hair growth and scalp health. It might not perk you up enough to face rush hour traffic in the morning without coffee, but it will give you a jolt of much needed energy in the shower.

Hot Sauce

The Combination of spice and caffeine in this hot sauce actually has digestive benefits. It helps to break down fatty foods and boost the metabolism. Double Whammy.

Gummi Bears

These sweet treats are infused with caffeine and vitamins. They're marketed for towards athletes to give them an extra delicious boost during a game, but are safe for all you non-athletes out there, too.

Images: Courtesy of Brands