11 Mugs That Will Brighten Your Day

Caffeine is the drug of choice for many people and I myself am more than partial to a nice cup of tea. And if my beverage comes in a hilarious coffee mug, then my morning instantly goes from good to great. I can function without caffeine but TBH, I’d rather not have to go without it. Last week I ran out of tea bags and I decided to see how long I could go without breaking. I lasted a day.

As an English gal, I adore tea and could sip this heavenly brown liquid morning, noon, or night. My caffeine addiction began relatively late (in my teens) compared to some of my friends who had been sipping Earl Grey since the days of our childhood slumber parties. My mom noticed my adverse reaction to Coca-Cola when I was little and limited my intake of it, along with crazy colored sweets, which also sent me into a hyperactive frenzy. Thus, I will never know if my slight sensitivity to caffeine stemmed from my lack of the wondrous stuff as a kid, or if that’s just the way I’m wired. Either way — to this day I limit myself to two cups of tea per day and although I love coffee, I sadly can’t go near the stuff for fear of having a comedown involving palpitations and anxiety.

So whether you’re a coffee lover, a tea connoisseur like me, or a decaf queen, here are some comedic mugs to make you smile.

1. The Unicorn Mug

Magical Unicorn Mug By Morning Horn, $19.79,

Make your mornings utterly magical with a unicorn shaped mug. If a 3D ethereal horse protruding from your rainbow-painted beverage holder doesn't make you smile, nothing will.

2. The Classy Cup

Classy Tea Cup, $12,

Yes this is technically a tea cup, but when you're this classy, no one will care if you're drinking coffee out of a tea cup – or wine for that matter!

3. The Colossal Cuppa

Tea Rex Novelty Dinosaur Humour Mug By GlazedImage, $10.16,

Jurassic World was released earlier this year and if you're a fan of the dino-tastic franchise, you probably loved the Jurassic Park references in the newest movie. So come over all nostalgic with this comedic mug and your caffeinated drinks won't be the only thing making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

4. The Depresso Mug

Depresso Mug, $15,

Depending on how much of a caffeine addict you are, you may get a little down in the dumps when your body is telling you it needs another cup of Joe. Keep this cup with you at all times to ensure it is never empty and you're not left feeling "depresso."

5. The Super Mario Lover's Mug

Warp Pipe Mug By Piping Hot Drinks, $19.79,

A retro video game reference in the form of something which you can drink your coffee out of? This mug really hits the spot.

6. The Elephant Mug

Plum & Bow Elephant Tea Mug, $16,

Although this mug isn't thigh-slappingly hilarious, it is way too cute not to mention. This clever elephant mug allows you to take your teabag on the move with you, so your tea can brew to its optimum strength. When your tea is to your liking, pop the teabag in the holder which is located atop the elephant's head and you have the perfect cuppa and a funny, little desk buddy to boot.

7. The Moustache-Saving Mug

The Original Moustache Guard Mug By Shave It For later, $22.79,

Save your moustache and/or upper lip from the foam with this witty mug which has a built in moustache guard. Give this to someone or use it yourself to avoid any embarrassing, frothy mishaps.

8. The Cat Lady Mug

Crazy Cat Lady Mug, $8,

There are two types of women in this world: Dog lovers and cat ladies. In fact the cat lady has become an icon; she's a gal women aspire to be, rather than a lady whom people fear to be a witch. Puss Puss the cat lady fashion magazine, is a case in point of the rise in popularity of these feline loving femmes. There's no need to hide anymore cat ladies, show the world your true colors with this kooky mug.

9. The Blessed Babe Mug

10 Oz Graphic Mug, $8,

We may not all be #blessed but we all have something to be thankful for. This would be a great mug to use on Thanksgiving or if you wish to take some comedic selfies with #blessed.

10. The Hungry Whale Mug

Whale Mug, $22,

This whale with the munchies is sure to tickle your funny bone, even on a Monday morning.

11. The Grinch Mug

Grinch Face Mug, $16,

Do you despise the festive season, love the color green, and enjoy dressing your pet in costumes? You might just be a grinch in disguise, therefore this quirky grinch mug may help you to hate certain aspects of the holiday season a little bit less.

Have fun with your hot drink holders with comedic cups and mugs which are sure to bring some cheer to your daily dose of caffeine.

Images: Courtesy Brands (11)