Something's Brewing With This Reunion

Guys. Guys, it's official: Jerry Seinfeld has confirmed a Seinfeld reunion. It's happening. And the clues that we do have are just maybe pointing to something interesting. Seinfeld confirmed the reunion Thursday morning on WFAN's "Bommer & Carton" program when the hosts reportedly verbally cornered him about that picture that had been taken of him and Jason Alexander walking into Tom's Restaurant, the famous diner that appeared in so many Seinfeld episodes (photo below).

Seinfeld confirmed that the project he's been working on was indeed a reunion, clarifying that it's not taking the form of a commercial — a la what the Full House cast is doing for the Super Bowl — or anything for "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee," the web series in which, as the title suggests, he interviews celebrities in various vehicles with caffeine.

So what is it?

Well, given Seinfeld's long-standing relationship with NBC, and the current switch-ups in the late-night arena at that same network, we've got one hypothesis: What if this will all play into Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show debut?

Hear us out: Jimmy Fallon's got something of a penchant for '90s nostalgia and he's moving The Tonight Show back to New York City. What's more '90s or more NYC than Seinfeld? Seinfeld also described the project using the following phrases: “shortish form,” "one-and-done," and "very, very soon."

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon premieres Feb. 17 — we'd say that's pretty soon.

It's always possible Seinfeld and Larry David and the rest of the crew have something else planned. But we're putting our money on Fallon.

Image: NBC