Gisele Bundchen Doesn't Own a Hairbrush: Here are 5 She Should Buy

She's reaffirmed yet again that she is not your average woman: Gisele Bundchen told the AP that she doesn't own a hairbrush. Yes, the highest paid model and sole owner of one of the most enviable heads of hair does not have her own brush. Of course, Bundchen went on to defend herself saying:

In my job you have to remember people are brushing my hair every day. You have to remember the last thing I want (on a day off) is a brush in my hair!

When Bundchen is not working and is at her hairbrush-less home, she prefers letting her hair air dry and throwing it up in a "sleek bun." Life, it is hard.

While I think that's all nice and dandy, I truly believe that every woman should have a trusty hairbrush in their at-home beauty arsenal. I know Bundchen has her glam squad at her beck and call, but even supermodels need a hairbrush for those random hair emergencies. What if they get stuck in the polar vortex and can't make it out to her house in LA.? What if the kids accidentally toss spaghetti sauce in her golden-hued strands? What if Adriana Lima comes over and needs to borrow a brush!? These are situations that Bundchen should really consider.

Here are five amazing brushes we think she should buy immediately if not sooner because supermodel paycheck.

1. Mason Pearson Brush

We know $100 sounds a little ridiculous for a hair brush, but this cult class favorite will last for-ev-er. The magical boar and nylon bristles help bring the oil from your roots to the rest of your hair, spreading the shine all over. Also, $100 is literally chump change for Bundchen.

Mason Pearson Brush, $99,

2. Goody QuickStyle Paddle Brush

If Gisele feels like blowdrying her hair at home, this brush will help cut the time by 30 percent. The absorbent bristles are almost towel-like, helping to dry hair faster while it's being blow-dried.

Goody QuickStyle Paddle Brush, $8.39,

3. Michel Mercier Detangling Brush for Fine Hair

I'm going to take a stab and say that even Gisele Bundchen's hair gets a little tangled when she gets out of the pool. This brush was specifically designed to easily detangle strands without breaking or damaging your hair. It's the perfect brush to keep in the cabana, Gisele!

Detangling Brush, $14.99,

4. Kent Extra Large Women's Comb

Some days you just need an entire hairbrush. All you need is this faux-tortoiseshell comb to straighten those strands without breakage.

Extra Large Women's Comb By KENT, $12.50,

5. Spornette Italian Collection Reinforced Boar Rounder Brush

I'm sure she has her special, secret ways of getting her hair to be that voluminous, but in case she was wondering how the majority of us do it, here's how — a magical round brush.

Spornette Italian Collection Reinforced Boar Rounder Brush, $28.55,