Why Are Amelia & Meredith Fighting On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? Because Of Derek, Of Course

Just when you think one more terrible thing can’t happen at Grey Sloan, Meredith Grey was brutally attacked by an unrestrained on the winter premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. Amelia, in true Amelia fashion, just froze when she saw Meredith on the table, getting worked on by all the doctors, and it made me think—why are Meredith and Amelia still fighting on Grey’s Anatomy ? We had such a long hiatus that I had forgotten all about where we left off before the winter break.

Things aren’t exactly simple for Amelia and Meredith right now. Derek, Amelia’s brother and Meredith’s husband, was killed suddenly in Season 11, and both women are still mourning him. He was one of the pillars of Grey Sloan (and of the show itself), and his loss has sent everyone reeling. In a nutshell, Amelia resents Meredith because she got to say goodbye to Derek—Meredith was able to be at Derek’s side when his doctors pulled the plug. Frankly, Amelia wouldn’t stop talking about it, and when she found out that Meredith knew that Penny, the doctor who basically killed Derek (she was inept in the situation if I do say so myself), was working at Grey Sloan, Amelia flipped out even more. The venue? A dinner party. Not that great.

Well, then it all happened—Meredith went on a rant about how Amelia has to cut out her pity party because Meredith lost her best friend, husband, father of her children and Meredith needs to mourn without Amelia breathing down her neck. It was not a pretty scene, but Amelia is so self-absorbed that it never occurred to her that Meredith is hurting, too. Now that Meredith is literally healing from her attack and Amelia has offered a mea culpa, will they get along? Meredith says she’s not ready to forgive Amelia for her egregious behavior, but one can hope that she will be soon.

Images: Tony Rivetti/ABC; Giphy