'Full House' Guys Bob Saget, John Stamos & Dave Coulier's AMA Exposes Their Dirty Sense of Humor

If we have one reason to be thankful for the Super Bowl this year, it's for bringing the men of Full House back together. Well, technically we should be thankful for Oikos Greek Yogurt, who reunited spokesperson John Stamos with Dave Coulier and Bob Saget for their Full House Super Bowl commercial. Of course just one 30-second commercial wasn't enough, especially since Coulier and Saget are only in it for a few seconds. Lucky for all of us out there who just can't get let go of Full House, on Wednesday a more official reunion was held on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, along with a group Full House Reddit AMA.

The threesome answered questions from a bunch of fans and we learned a lot. Apparently, not only are Saget, Coulier and Stamos still great friends (shown in their online "Bromance" videos for Oikos), but they can make fun of each other as easily as if they were in the Tanner kitchen. The only difference? They're even more hilarious together when not confined to the limits imposed by a show meant for kids.

We learned a lot about the three before, during and after Full House, and while there were a few unanswered questions that we would have loved to see the responses to, there were plenty of great answers. Here are some of the best.

The most up-voted question, apparently the actors have a lot in common with their characters. Though some of this is the show being written to suit the actors, like Stamos' musical ability and Coulier's flying and hockey, the rest is sort of strange coincidences. Although, Saget may have become a hugger after being forced to give hundreds of hugs a day on set.

The How I Met Your Mother and Glee parts of this question are pretty boring, but Mr. Woodchuck! He didn't deserve that fate, R.I.P., the world's most beloved wood-pun-loving puppet.

Good news for any aspiring musicians, just a couple hundred thousand dollars and you can officially be a Ripper! This question is also the best example of how well the three guys can still play off each other, and where their humor goes when its completely uncensored.

Speaking of uncensored, apparently Saget did have to scale back his comedy on-set when the child actors were around. If anyone has ever seen his standup, you understand why. And shout out to Reddit user Artvandelay1 for having one of the best responses on the entire thread.

We could not have dreamed of a better answer to this question. Whoever that college kid is, congratulations for being on the receiving end of the greatest prank of all time, and congratulations to Saget, Stamos and Coulier for being awesome and able to fool around with fans.

Yet another example of the threesome excellently making fun of each other, while also revealing how intense some Full House fans are. Should Coulier be upset or relieved that he's never met someone with a tattoo of his face?

For anyone who's never read Full House Reviewed, it's a blog that reviewed a new episode of Full House every week, until finishing a few weeks ago. The writer grew to despise the show after years of watching and writing about it, so Stamos is probably right to avoid it. Everyone who hasn't appeared on the show, however, should check it out immediately.

Finally, a question that really matters — just how does Stamos stay so young? Unfortunately, his answer is great product placement without really revealing the secret. The world will just never know. Alverezaur makes a great point in his response though, good for Stamos, busting through the yogurt ceiling.

We'll end on a more serious note. Coulier, Saget and Stamos certainly proved that they're still funny, and with this question they proved that they love Full House as much as the rest of us do. It's good to see that Danny, Uncle Jesse and Joey are still Tanners at heart.

Image: bobsaget/Instagram