Annalise Can't Be Wes' Mom On 'HTGAWM'

Since the beginning of How To Get Away With Murder, I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that Wes and Annalise were related. She babies him so much more than she babies her other Keating 5. Annalise confides in Wes (even or especially when it’s to manipulate him), and she goes out of her way to protect him. Wes was waitlisted into law school and — bam — he suddenly gets into school and into her class, which I’m sure is a very popular one? The winter premiere featured Annalise tripping on Vicodin, hallucinating a baby, and I have to ask — is Wes Annalise’s baby on How To Get Away With Murder ?

Sure, we saw a baby and everything, but you can get a baby from anywhere. I mean, we all know how they’re made. The bombshell tonight was that Annalise was actually pregnant about a decade ago. Picture this scene: A very pregnant Annalise sits down next to a woman, and they chat about her pregnancy and the woman’s adorable ten-ish-year-old son, and that’s that. Later, that very same woman is handing a not pregnant Annalise a baby back, telling Annalise that she is strong and the baby needs her. If you’re confused, you’re not alone, but I am nearly positive that that baby was not Wes, and here’s why.

If Wes is in law school, he has to be what, in his early twenties? But, in the flashback to Annalise’s pregnant days, the show said that that moment was only 10ten years prior. Therefore, the boy that Annalise and the woman talked about, who was about 10 — that has to be Wes, who is not Annalise’s baby. If he were, that would make Wes a middle schooler, not a law school student. I think that Annalise tried to unload her baby (who was named Christophe) on Wes’ mom, and then she got overwhelmed (and knew she was depressed) and gave the baby back to Annalise. Somewhere out there, Annalise has a kid and Wes has a pseudo stepbrother, but where is he? Don’t worry — I’m sure that Christophe will pop up somewhere on How To Get Away With Murder.

Images: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC; Giphy