'How To Be Single' Rebel Wilson & Cast Give Important Dating Advice To Single Women — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

It's Valentine's Day (or Single Awareness Day) weekend, and regardless of whether you've got plans with a special someone or your Netflix account, there's nothing quite like spending quality time with your best girlfriends. That's the alternative option that How To Be Single hopes to provide. The film, which stars Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, and new-comedy-kid-on-the-block Dakota Johnson, hilariously traverses through the ins and outs of being single in Manhattan, but don't mistake this as a typical rom-com in disguise. It's rated R for raunchy and real.

I sat down with Wilson, Mann, and Johnson, and we chatted about their all-important tips for single women. After all, the movie is pretty much a how-to on being alone — and, more importantly, being OK with being alone — and they had strong feelings on what lessons single women should take away. You should "not feel the pressure of attaching yourself to someone else," Johnson says. And when it comes to the pitfalls of online dating, Wilson adds, "You should really screen the people before agreeing to meet them in person."

How To Be Single can sometimes get a bit dramatic, but honestly, whose dating life isn't? Where the film really shines are the moments when things don't work out the way they're supposed to according to the Hollywood rules of falling in love. Because when everything falls apart, all that's left is just you and your best friend, taking on the world, one nightclub and workday at a time.

Learn how to be single in the interview below and also hear the stars' take on the rise of R-rated female comedy. How To Be Single is in theaters now.

Images: Melissah Yang