Tayvin Needs To Get Their Red Carpet On

by Caitlyn Callegari

Celebrity couples come and go, but despite the wild Hollywood circumstances, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have been smooth sailing for almost a year now. I certainly wouldn't have pictured these two crazy kids together before it actually happened, but now that it has, it makes all the sense in the world. But despite my undying love for their love, have they reached that officially official celebrity couple rite of passage yet? You know what I'm talking about: Have Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris walked a red carpet together? *Furiously scrolls through Tumblr for a red carpet photo set*

I mean, look at it this way. The two have attended the same awards shows. They've been spotted out by paparazzi numerous times. Their Instagram accounts proudly (and tastefully) provide frequent proof of their coupledom. They've talked about each other and their relationship in the media. So, they have to have walked a red carpet together, or at least walked by one another and offered up a romantic high-five for the cameras, right? Wrong.

Hate to break it to you, fellow Tayvin supporters, but it appears that the two leggy blondes have not walked a red carpet together. We do not have one single picture of Swift or Harris posing in front of the cameras, as a unit, all glammed up. This is a tragedy. A devastation. An abomination. How have we let this go on for so long? I'm not sure. I just can't help but think it's a failing on all of our parts. Should we have campaigned? Sent in a petition to Obama? Just... something?!

But, just because they haven't done it yet, doesn't mean they won't ever. Lets not forget, as per E! Online, their time together at the Billboard Music Awards, where they, "kissed and hugged." Another thing to note? At that time, Harris was still being referred to as Swift's "new beau." It makes sense that at that point they'd avoid doing red carpets together until they saw where their relationship went. And taking into account that the Billboard Music Awards took place last May, I think Tayvin, are, um, "out of the woods" so to speak when it comes to testing the relationship waters. A red carpet walk might now be on the horizon for them.

Dare I say that maybe we'll see them together on the red carpet at the upcoming Grammys? Given their steadiness and the fact that they spent the holidays together, which is pretty serious relationship-wise, I think it might be a real possibility.

Me thinks the snowman was just a red carpet interview precursor.