Tyler And Caroline Should Stay Broken Up On 'TVD'

Caroline had better fess up about her feelings for Klaus before fans have something else to be upset about — in a new clip from tonight's episode of the CW's The Vampire Diaries , Tyler says he wants his old girlfriend back. Please, Julie Plec, don't let that happen. We'd honestly rather see Caroline leave Mystic Falls and move onto The Originals before we see her get back together with Tyler Lockwood. Because Tyler is the worst and those two have no business giving their doomed relationship another shot.

In case you've forgotten (even though we can't imagine how you could) Caroline finally admitted that she had real feelings for Klaus and the two had a super-sexy moment in the woods during last Thursday's 100th episode. We were all like, "YES!, FINALLY," and even though he promised to stay away from her afterwards, hoped that she'd at least feel a little sad for awhile about not running off to New Orleans with him. But, with no such luck and a heck of a lot of bad timing, Tyler returned and was waiting for Caroline when she returned from her moment of true love. Talk about a buzzkill and the biggest bummer of all time.

And as if his mere presence wasn't enough to disappoint us, here's the clip from tonight's episode of Tyler alluding to Matt that part of his "starting over" will be getting Caroline back (barf):

God, Tyler, you are so lame. Please, someone, stop this from going any farther than Tyler being the biggest doofus on earth.

The biggest reason why this cannot happen is that it'd make Caroline look so incredibly weak and we know she's so much better than that. She's already done so much for Tyler (cough pushing Klaus farther and farther away cough) and all he's done is kick her to the curb — repeatedly. She's been so strong for other people (Stefan) and had such strong opinions about their relationships (Elena and Damon) and now it's time to practice what she preaches in her own life. Caroline has to learn sometime that it's never going to work with this guy, and if she's supposed to be on a path to self-discovery and realization now, she can't get sucked back into their dysfunctional relationship.

But equally as important is the fact that she just hooked up with Klaus and she's coming to terms with her feelings about him and the fact that she let him promise to never return to Mystic Falls for her. And, after so many seasons of will-they-won't-they building up to this moment, it wouldn't be right for her to just jump back into Tyler's arms right away, or ever for that matter. Plec told E! that there won't necessarily be a quick reunion between the two but Tyler will find out and his presence is going to add so much unnecessary guilt to Caroline's plate. The Vampire Diaries showrunner said:

And you know when you're a good girl and you do a naughty thing and then you feel like everything in the universe is conspiring to remind you of just how naughty you were? I think she's going to have a lot of those moments as a character and beat herself up about it and be really hard on herself. Certainly, I can't imagine Tyler will take this well. And any anger or frustration or fury that he feels about it is merited, so they're not going to be jumping back into each other's arms happily and living happily ever after anytime soon.

Why does she even have to feel bad for anything other than losing the love of her life? Tyler didn't feel bad when he ditched her, yet again, this season to run off and terrorize Klaus in NOLA — so why should he have to make her feel guilty about finally being honest with herself? Also, the writing's always been on the wall for "Klaroline", so Tyler's just dumb if he thinks that he's destined to be with her. If we're looking at what makes the most sense in their situation, they shouldn't be jumping back into each other arms ever again. Tyler should go back to wherever he's been hiding out and stay there so Caroline can have a real chance to deal with her emotions and get herself together.

So really, not wanting Tyler and Caroline to get back together isn't just about us being diehard Klaroline 'shippers — it's about giving the character a chance to be as strong as we know she is and to figure her emotional shit out. Which, and hopefully Julie Plec and The CW would agree, would be better for the show than hooking Tyler and Caroline back up just to watch them fall apart again in the next few episodes.

Caroline has the potential to become an ultimate badass, so let her do it without Tyler holding her back. Please.

Images: The CW, Socialregister