Photos Of Bernie Sanders' Family Are So Cute

by Lauren Holter

While Bernie Sanders has come to resemble the loud, rambling, and politically passionate grandpa millennial liberals wish for at family gatherings, not much is known about the Vermont senator's family life. For starters, he's an actual grandpa. Sanders has one biological son (Levi), three stepchildren, and seven grandchildren. Photos of Sanders and his family offer a glimpse into the presidential hopeful's seemingly normal personal life.

His rival, Hillary Clinton, has been in the spotlight for decades, and the nation knows just about everything about her whole family. Sanders on the other hand, doesn't even mention his family in campaign speeches or rallies very often, besides thanking his wife. Jane and he married in 1988, bringing her three children — Dave, Carina, and Heather — into his life. The senator had Levi with a former girlfriend, Susan Mott, when he was 28 years old.

Despite The Washington Post's description of Sanders as a grumpy grandpa, People depicted him as a fun grandpa who plays "Monster" and has toys scattered throughout his Vermont home. According to the magazine, the grandkids either call the 74-year-old Grandpa Bernie or Grandpa Bern. Check out photos of the Democrat with his family, from major throwbacks to more recent snapshots.

On The Campaign Trail

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

With Jane

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A Kiss On The Cheek

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More Campaign Kisses

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All The Grandkids

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Grandpa Hugs

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Grandpa's Running For President

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Grandpa Bern

Waiting For Iowa Caucus Results

Morning Notes

Joking Around

Precious Moments

As for some throwbacks...

The Happy Couple

The 1990s

Big Brother

Baby Levi

The Wedding

Sanders Bros

In Brooklyn

Adult Brothers

... One More Bro Throwback

It's undeniable that Sanders and his family are adorable.