Kendall Makes A Tough Choice In New Estee L. Ad

It's Fashion Week once again and Kendall Jenner's new Estee Lauder lip gloss ad perfectly captures the busy schedule of an in-demand model. The beauty commercial starts with a shot of Jenner in bed and moments away from her alarm clock going off. Upon waking up, she realizes that she is running late for another Estee Lauder shoot. With only minutes to spare, she runs out the door of her house and ends up in a scene from a bad dream.

Jenner, while always looking her best from head to toe, forgot to put on one very important item of clothing due to rushing out — her pants. The paparazzi stationed outside her house has a field day as they snap photos of a pants-less Jenner on her way to a modeling job. Luckily, her trusty assistant is right behind her with black trousers that go with her lacy black top and blazer. What Jenner decides to do next is the hilarious twist to her saga. Even though it's for a commercial and not real life, there's still a sense that Jenner's confidence, sense of humor, and good lip gloss helped her get through this blunder. Let's break it down scene-by-scene:

The 30-second clip finds Jenner catching some much-needed zzzs before the dreaded alarm clock wakes her up from her beauty sleep:

No big deal, just Estee Lauder calling!

Kendall quickly gets dressed and heads straight for a mirror. She only needs a few seconds to touch up, because of course she does.

"Dude, where's my pants?"

This is probably a normal occurrence in the Jenner household. It's still creepy though.

Pants to the rescue!

"Did I forget something?"

Lip Gloss: 1, Pants: 0

Watch Kendall Jenner's new Estée Lauder Pure Envy Gloss commercial below:

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