7 Perfect Things About Kendall's New Ad

Being the life of the party must come natural for Kendall Jenner, but that's hardly the case in her latest commercial. Titled "Party Zombies," Kendall Jenner's new Estee Lauder ad showcases her perfect makeup and hair even when everything around her seems a bit dull. The 30-second clip for Estée Lauder New Double Wear Makeup To Go is the follow up to the stylish makeup commercial starring Jenner that debuted earlier this month.

The new ad starts off with Jenner greeting her first party guest at the door. She's wearing a leather jacket with a studded shoulders. Her hair is straight and parted in the middle, while makeup is understated, yet glamorous. It's reminiscent of Jenner's 2015 Met Gala look, but with a more casual and less sophisticated feel. Her guests arrive one by one, but their interaction pretty much ends at the front door.

After each guest arrives, Jenner and her friends are practically glued to their phones like zombies. That is, until all of their cell batteries die and everyone is (literally) left in the dark. What's a girl to do? Jenner flips her compact open and the party begins. She applies a little of the liquid foundation from her compact, gets off the couch, and plays the perfect party host. The end.

Not much else happens in the 30-second Estee Lauder commercial, but Jenner looks stunning as always. Here are seven things that they got perfect in this ad:

1. Her Sleek Hair

That balloon's trying to steal this scene, but it just can't compete with Jenner's sleek and straight mane.

2. Those Shoes

Nothing but strappy perfection for the shoe lover.

3. Her Outfit

Props to the styling team for Jenner's cute party outfit.

4. That Lip Color

The soft pink pout is classic Jenner.

5. Her Brows

She could write a book on how to rock fierce eyebrows.

6. Those Nails

A great mani makes for a great party.

7. Her Happy Face

Her smile definitely lights up the room. Watch the full Estée Lauder ad starring Kendall Jenner below:

Images: YouTube