Why Are Beyonce Tickets So Hard To Get? Nothing Will Stop Fans From Trying

After her incredible Super Bowl 50 performance, Beyoncé unleashed another huge event, the announcement of her Formation world tour. Of course, for the simple fact that it's Beyoncé, the world went crazy with excitment. Well, that excitement may be short-lived once tickets go on sale this week. Major stars are notorious for having sold out concerts within hours of box offices opening up, and Beyoncé will probably be no exception. Why does it seem so hard to get tickets to a Beyoncé concert? Simple answer: She's Beyoncé. There are also much bigger forces at work here.

One of the obstacles to getting your hands on Queen Bey tickets is Ticketmaster. More than a few fans have been upset by the process to buy tickets on Ticketmaster, and they were not shy about expressing those frustrations on social media when it came down to it. In fact, most fans considered Twitter an open forum to vent their dislike for the different glitches and issues they faced when trying to buy tickets online — a struggle that many of us find way too real. After all, this also happened when Adele tickets went on sale, and many sites tend to slow down or even crash entirely from the sheer amount of traffic so many fans flooding to the virtual box office causes.

Besides technical malfunctions, there is also the matter of Beyoncé tickets being outrageously expensive. While only pre-sale is open right now to Beyhive Fan Club members, Amex cardholders and VIP packages, those tickets range anywhere from $45 to $1,750. But who cares about paying rent when you have a front row ticket to Beyoncé? Leave it to the Beyhive to find alternate routes to get tickets to a concert.

Some fans have even resorted to creating GoFund me accounts to buy tickets to her concerts. Yes, that's right. According to Complex, people are using a crowd funding site usually reserved for things like saving the environment and paying for someone's medical expenses as a way to raise money for a Beyoncé ticket. I can't decide if that's dedication or insanity. Probably a little of both.

Apart from the Adele tour, this may be the most highly anticipated tour of the year. Sadly, not everyone will get the chance to participate in the experience due to a few technical and financial issues. However, if this new album really does come true, you will at least have new music to console yourself.

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