These Kanye West Memes Are A+

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that on Thursday, Kanye West tweeted the album cover art for The Life Of Pablo, his seventh studio album (and self-proclaimed "best album of all time"). After changing the name about, uh, three times, the release of his cover art came as a welcome surprise considering the anticipation. However, in addition to stunning fans with its release, it also drove fans to produce a lot of hilarious Kanye West memes relating to the cover — probably because West is taking his damn time to release the album itself.

Though West did put thought into the artwork, turning to Belgian artist Peter De Potter to create the visuals for his baby, the image is quite simple — honestly, too simple for West. With just an orange background, the title repeated over and over again in black lettering that overlaps itself occasionally, and a wedding photo of what may be his parents' wedding ceremony (I guess he is a family man after all), the album art seems almost too subdued for an album that West's been hyping so much. Fans, of course, felt similarly — and they immediately took to Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr to turn the 38-year-old rapper's cover into some amazing memes that should go down in history as some of the Internet's greatest.

Just in case you can't get to your social media accounts right away, I've rounded up the 16 most hysterical memes of West's highly-anticipated new album cover art, you never knew you needed in life. We may not know if West's The Life Of Pablo is a winner yet (just release the thing already!), but at least it's easy to tell that these definitely are.

1. When You Are Patiently Awaiting The Album...

Come on Yeezy, your teases are worse than Frank Ocean's.

2. ...No, But Seriously


3. When You Still Have "Hotline Bling" On Replay Instead Of T.L.O.P.

Because Drake will always be bae.

4. When You Got Chipotle On Your Mind

Mmm baby, drizzle those beans over my burrito wrap.

5. When You Just Want To Be On The Top Of The Charts In The Most Subtle Way

Subtlety was never West's friend to begin with.

6. When Your Meme Is A Meme

We all identify with you, Pepe.

7. When You're Really Into Politics

If you're feeling the Bern, you will like this one.

8. When You Have Been Watching Too Much Seinfeld

It's not like this is a crime or anything.


It's not wrong.

10. When You Are Wondering Why Frank Ocean Still Hasn't Released A New Album, But He Has Time To Be Featured On T.L.O.P.

Sorry to bring you up again, Frank but, can you hear me?

11. When You're Still Trying To Make Nickelback Happen

Stop trying to make Nickelback happen, it's not going to happen.

12. When You Got Even Stevens On Your Mind


13. When The New Harry Potter Book News Is On Your Mind

More anticipation, but this would actually be a dope album.

14. When You Just Want To Show Off

You put in the work, now strut.

15. When You Thought Of Better Cover Art Than West

'Nuff said.

16. When You Realize Where The Inspiration For This Cover Art May Have Come From

We all knew Bart Simpson would come up Milhouse one day.

There is never a dull moment when an artist has a new album in the wings. But seriously, 'Ye, where is the damn album?

Images: adamjk, kidliquorous, doworkdesign, culturalswine, vnreleased/Tumblr