'Supernatural' Spin-Off Is In the Works

Supernatural has been on the air for approximately a century. At least that's what it feels like, especially for a show that has rarely blown up the ratings and has survived in large part due to the devotion of its fanbase. (Which, for the record, I consider myself a part of.) Finally, that rabid fanbase has something new to latch onto: The CW's greenlit a Supernatural spin-off pilot.

One can assume Supernatural's nearing its final years — it has to be, right? Right?? They can't keep the brothers co-dependent and miserable for all of eternity, can they??? — so it only follows that The CW would be interested in developing options to keep the brand (and hopefully the fanbase) around for longer than the show's remaining lifespan.

Enter Supernatural: Tribes, which according to The Hollywood Reporter will "explore the clashing hunter and monster cultures of Chicago." It will be executive produced by Supernatural writer Andrew Dabb, who will be working with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, executive producers Robert Singer and Jeremy Carver, and the ever-present McG (The O.C., Supernatural, Chuck, Nikita, etc.)

Whereas Supernatural has always stayed focused on the two central Winchester brothers (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki) and their relationship (as well as their relationship to the supernatural, of course), it is unclear at this point whether Tribes will have a similar central focus. Or whether that focus will be nearly as charismatic as the one they found the first time around. But hey, here's hoping.

Image: CW