The White Oak Weapon Has A New 'Originals' Owner

Klaus was not having much luck in the relationship department this week. First, Cami stole the white oak object — aka the only thing on earth that can kill an Original vampire — in the hopes of getting her own dark objects back. However, it then got re-stolen by a witch from The Strix coven, who, as it turns out, was secretly working for Klaus' ex-girlfriend Aurora. Sooo, you know what that means — Aurora is now in possession of the white oak weapon on The Originals and wields the power to kill any and all of the Mikaelsons she so chooses. In fact, she's already taken the liberty of fashioning the oak into wooden bullets. So the only question that remains is: who will Aurora kill with this deadly weapon?

Honestly, I'm skeptical to even consider that one of the main Mikaelsons will be killed, considering that this show is based upon their lives. (Seriously, the show is literally The Originals.) So killing Klaus or Elijah seems like an unlikely move on the writers' part. And as for Rebecca, she's already stored somewhere safe and hopefully out of Aurora's reach. I suppose Freya is always a possibility, but she's not a vampire, so the white oak wouldn't be necessary to kill her. That being said, she could end up being used as bait to lure her brothers into a trap.

Klaus may talk a good game, but deep down there is nothing he wouldn't do for his family. If one of them is in danger, you better believe he'll do whatever he can to save them, even if it means putting his own life at stake. (Pun intended, of course.) But when push comes to shove, would Aurora really be able to kill Klaus? He was the supposed love of her life, after all, but perhaps his rejection of her has finally put her over the edge. (Not that she needed much help getting there, mind you.) She's always been a bit of a loose cannon and now that she has the ultimate weapon at her disposal, anything is possible.

All in all, I guess what I'm really trying to say here is: be afraid, my friends. Be very afraid of what may come next.

Image: Annette Brown/The CW