Klaus & Elijah Discover The Weapon That Can Kill Them On 'The Originals,' But Someone Gets To It First

A new witch revealed the weapon that can kill an Original vampire during a session with Elijah on The Originals. After defeating Tristan and using his own magical devices against him, Elijah and Klaus have another problem to deal with: the weapon described in the prophecy, the one that can kill an Original, is still out there. In "Wild at Heart," Elijah turned to Aya, the new leader of the Strix, who introduced him to a Strix witch, Ariana. With Ariana's help, Elijah was able to get his hands on a new prophecy, one that described the weapon, but, by the time Elijah and Klaus identified the weapon that can an Original, someone else had already gotten it.

The Strix, it turns out, has their own coven of witches, called The Sisters. A collection of outcasts and orphans, the Sisters work for the Strix and find weaknesses and information the Strix can use to get what they want. One of the witches, Ariana, is exceptionally good, and is singled out to work with Elijah in the hopes of getting a clearer picture of the weapon that can kill him. Ariana looks into Elijah's mind, she sees everything he's been through, and gives him a new prophecy: "All you've endured and yet the worst is yet to come. An unending darkness lies before you. A lone figure, a pale horse, a flame that will burn you all."

After his meeting with Ariana, Elijah tells Klaus about the prophecy and the "pale horse," which Klaus recognizes as a horse Klaus had carved for Rebekah before they were vampires. He must have carved it out of the White Oak tree, the only one whose wood can kill an Original for good. The weapon, the brothers realized, was in their own home, right under their noses, this entire time. Hayley recognizes the object as something Rebekah had given to Hope and goes to her apartment to look for it. But the horse is nowhere to be found. Cami stole it.

Yep, new vampire Cami, with her super hearing and volatile emotions, overheard Klaus and Elijah's discussion, saw the horse in Hayley's apartment and put two and two together. She swiped the horse so that she could have the upper hand for once. Vampire Cami wants control, and she also wants the dark magic objects Klaus took from her. With the horse in her possession, she can finally have both.

Cami has the weapon that can kill an original vampire. The question is, would she use it?

Images: Carin Baer/The CW; shelleyhennings/tumblr