Some Very Important 'The Bachelor' Calculations

Normally Bachelor nation forgets about past contestants rather quickly — especially when they don't make it super far during their respective season. But no one can easily erase from their memories the greatness that was Ashley Salter. You might know her exclusively as the "Onion Girl" from Chris Soules' group of ladies — but Salter, like the onions she loves so very much, has many layers, and one of them just happens to be future mom. That's right: The reality star, who just got engaged in September, is expecting a son with her fiancé, Austin Brannen. But, when is Ashley S. due?! She's still yet to release confirmation on any dates, and I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get antsy.

Still, that doesn't mean I can't speculate! Apparently, Salter was showing off her bump in all its glory during Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding at the end of January, according to Us Weekly. Around that same time, Salter's fiancé shared a pic of the happy couple on Instagram — and in it? The bump of course. Now, I'm no doctor, but by the looks of the following picture, I'm guesstimating that Salter's somewhere around the 18-week mark. Of course, everyone's different and I could be way off, but remember: This is pure speculation. Also, let me live.

So, if I'm right and she's around 18 weeks in, she could have anywhere from 19 to 24 more to go, which means we can maybe expect a mini Salter sometime in early June (because we have to take into consideration this photo of her bump was taken two weeks ago).

I know, I know. I've basically just done the Lord's work for us all, and you're welcome.

Though I stand behind my calculations, I'll still be waiting to confirm the dates when we get word from the Onion Queen™ herself. Until then, big congratulations to the happy and in love couple! I can't wait to see what kind of little human Salter produces, because I'm sure if he's anything like his mother, he'll be glorious. And who knows, maybe he'll even be the Bachelor one day! Let's dream big, shall we?

Images: ABC (2)