Kanye "Dropped" His Album On 'SNL'

In a move we all should have seen coming, Kanye West announced that his new album is streaming on his website following his second performance on Saturday Night Live in the wee hours of Feb. 14. Upon opening the website, a message from Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, plays automatically. Update: As of 1:43 AM ET on Feb. 14, The Life of Pablo appears to be streaming on TIDAL. Those wishing to download the album can purchase it from TIDAL for $20 dollars. The album is, so far, unavailable on iTunes.

Following his final performance on SNL, which was of the song "Ultralight Beam," West took a moment to make what appeared to be an announcement: "The album [inaudible] KanyeWest.com right now. TIDAL streaming right now." West followed the statements by making a few goofy sounds before dancing around the stage.

However, a quick visit to TIDAL and KanyeWest.com seem to show no sign of the full length album or new music as of 1:20 AM ET, nearly 30 minutes after the announcement. In fact, all that appears on West's website is a black screen with the text "A message from Yasiin Bey." When the message concludes, the image remains and there is no sign of the album whatsoever. It should be noted that this message appears to have originally appeared on West's website back on Jan. 19 three days after Bey was arrested in South Africa following allegations of using a supposedly fraudulent "world passport," according to the Associated Press. It should also be noted that according to the New York Times, Bey is still awaiting trial in South Africa. In the message on West's website, Bey claims the passport is "not fictitious."

Needless to say, fans are confused and many are angry at the lack of an actual album.