More Kanye Music Could Be On The Way

Late on Feb. 13, Kanye West finally released the much anticipated and much renamed The Life of Pablo. While it might seem like the world has had quite enough Kanye for the time being, it actually seems likely that West isn't done releasing new music just yet — yes, really, more new Kanye could be coming in the next few months.

West was finishing up Pablo right up until the very end, an end he pushed back as far as he could. In addition to the name changes, he was adding and taking out songs, and apparently arguing with Chance the Rapper. And since West expanded the track list from earlier versions he released, it seems very possible that at least a few tracks didn't make the final cut, but will be released in the near future, as Kanye has done with previous cuts.

And fans can have a good idea of how they'll be released. Although it's been falsely promised a couple times, it looks like West's GOOD Fridays are coming back. For those who don't remember what this means, the artist's label GOOD Music started releasing a free song every Friday around the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. On the Friday before Pablo was released, Kanye released the single "30 Hours" along with the promise that GOOD Fridays would return with the release of the album.

Even better? West didn't just release his own music on GOOD music; he also included the tracks of others signed to the label, such as John Legend, Big Sean, and Pusha T. Looking back at the last batch of Good Fridays, they included an excellent range of remixes, original tracks, and collaborations between label mates, so hopefully, that'll happen again now that Pablo is out.

Still, it's important to remember that just because West promised the return of GOOD Fridays doesn't mean fans will be getting new music every Friday; a couple of weeks ago, Kim Kardashian promised they were coming back — and then took that promise right back. Additionally, West has a lot on his plate (as he reminds people quite often) with his fashion career, fatherhood, and a potential upcoming world tour. Curious fans will have to wait until next Friday to see if he keeps this GOOD Friday promise — but luckily, we have the excellent The Life of Pablo to keep us busy.