Here's Where To Buy Beth Ditto's Clothing Line

Anyone who's known me for more than 20 minutes is likely aware of my adoration for Beth Ditto, the first plus size babe who told me it was OK to be fat years before "body positivity" was a buzzword and without ever actually needing to say the words. Come Feb. 15, a Beth Ditto clothing line is going to be a reality. Finally, this body positive icon — a woman unafraid of stripping naked on magazine covers or celebrating her queerness or doing it all while wearing royal blue lycra — is going to be infiltrating the homes of many a fatshionista. Her designs are already promising to contain bold prints, vintage-inspired hues and fabrics, and a whole bunch of unapologetic realness. So where can we get our hands on these babies?

According to Vogue, "Beth Ditto clothing will be available globally [...] on,, and in-store at Selfridges." The publication reported that the "21 styles encapsulate the kind of change in fashion that Ditto has long been a vocal and unapologetic advocate for." Thus far, the teaser images reveal loud print mixing and retro-esque styles. One can only hope there's a heck of a lot more plus size fashion rule-breaking to be seen.

Vogue went on to note that we can expect "cheeky lipstick prints, lamé tops, and blush satin, curve-hugging dresses, ranging in price from a $65 T-shirt on up to $395 for the most luxe, Studio 54–worthy jumpsuit." Ditto even told the magazine that “instead of the idea of being ‘flattering,’ [one of the designs is] just really interesting and cool.” Women between sizes 14 and 28 who want to be decked out in this musician and activist's threads can check out for an official countdown to launch-time.

Considering the sheer radicalness of Ditto's T-shirt collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier in late 2015, I personally have high hopes for this new line. The oversized tee-dress felt like a fashionable statement against body standards and waist training and the idea that fat individuals must always be aiming toward physically shrinking themselves. If her namesake collection is even half as badass, it's definitely going to be one to invest in.

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