Turns Out, The Super Bowl's Twerking M&M Will Be Eaten By Mobsters

It's all Miley Cyrus' fault. At least, that's what most of the viewing audience would have said about the teaser for the M&Ms' Super Bowl ad, which featured a yellow M&M twerking. Yes, twerking. Beware, CBS and Mars, Incorporated: This little guy is just one foam finger away from attracting the FCC and Parents Television Council. I mean, the M&M is already naked!

Those who saw the ad uploaded on the Internet the week before the Super Bowl were delivered a mystery: Once the yellow M&M was shot with a dart and dragged away, where did he go? On top of a conveniently placed wrecking ball? On Cyrus' famous tongue? Turns out, he was kidnapped by a mob boss who threatened, in a foreign language, to cut him up in pieces and put him over ice cream. And, as it turns out, the M&M is in.

Corny, yes, but an improvement over M&Ms' 2013 spot, which featured a silent Naya Rivera, a celebrity we love for her ability to sing, dance, and sass her way out of any ordeal at Glee's McKinley High. Still, the entire concept of a twerking piece of candy? Hard to swallow, no matter how well it melts in our mouths.

Watch M&Ms' 2014 ad below:


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