Jade's Maid Of Honor Isn't A 'Bachelor' Star

The moment we've all been waiting for since the Bachelor in Paradise finale is finally here! On Sunday night, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding aired on ABC as part of a Bachelor 20th anniversary celebration. There's something so amazing about a Bachelor Nation couple who actually make it to the altar — maybe because it's a rare event? — but these two managed to pull it off, and adorably so. And, in case you were worried that it was just Bachelor alum in attendance, don't be. Plenty of the bride and groom's loved ones were there for the day, including Jade's maid of honor. So, who is that lucky lady?

Thanks to Jade's Instagram, the answer is easy. The woman standing next to Jade at the wedding is actually her best friend, Elizabeth Sandoz. As Jade revealed in a post of the two of them together before the wedding, she and Elizabeth have been best friends since kindergarten, which is a very long time. She's lucky to have someone in her life who has stuck by her side for so long, and from the sounds of things, they're as close as they ever have been — especially since Elizabeth was Jade's choice for her maid of honor.

More about Elizabeth? According to Instagram, she recently turned 29, and she seems to love traveling, because she's been just about everywhere lately, including Toronto and Chicago. She's also a life coach, and you can check out what she does at her website, A Romanced Life. She also keeps a blog on her site about her travels and the other things that are important to her, as well as a collection of quotes that are inspiring to her.

Since Jade has always been a free spirit, it makes total sense that another free spirit and adventurer is her BFF. Here's hoping they're best friends for decades to come!

Image: Matt Petit/ABC