The Magical Beth Ditto Covered 'The Sunday Times'

Although we're not nearly close enough to full exposure and visibility for all types of beauty in the media, we've certainly gotten closer to it since early 2015, something I was reminded of when I saw Beth Ditto's cover for The Sunday Times Style . Clad in lace bra, embroidered denim jacket, and sporting short curls, Ditto is owning the cover spot on Feb. 14, the eve of her namesake fashion collection's launch.

For those of you poor, unfortunate souls unfamiliar with Beth Ditto, let me take a second to get you acquainted. Queer fat positive lead singer of the band Gossip, she's the badass babe who's been a muse for designers like John Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs.

Along with working on her new record, she is also currently involved with Girls Rock Camp Foundation. "The camp, which teaches young girls how to read, write, and play music is launching a brand new campaign, where campers have recreated famous album covers," Entertainment Weekly reported. The musician turned designer told EW, "If you can come at beauty from a punk attitude, which Girls Rock Camp has, you get a completely different set of rules. You’re taught that it’s OK to look crazy and that crazy can be beautiful and that beauty is relative."

And now, she's showcasing that message through this latest cover, proving to young women everywhere that yes, beauty does come in all shapes, forms, and sizes.

Side note, I'm really going to need that jacket.

Plus size blogger babes Gabi Gregg and Bethany Rutter were among the many to congratulate Ditto on Twitter:

And I have to agree with those sentiments. It's a dope cover. Between her gorgeous gray curls, badass tattoo, and unapologetic smile, I can't pick my favorite part. Her positive energy is infectious, and this is exactly the type of cover the world not only needs, but wants more of.