Is Mugatu Really Dead In 'Zoolander 2'? A Glitter Bomb Could've Had A Disastrous Effect

You might not think of Zoolander 2 as the kind of movie that would end with a human sacrifice — or, an attempted human sacrifice. But, then again, very little in Zoolander 2 follows any kind of logic. Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) returns in the comedy sequel with one mission: to find his son, Derek Jr. Unfortunately, Mugatu, Will Ferrell's villainous fashion designer who brainwashed Derek in the first film, has the exact same mission. Zoolander 2 finds Mugatu rotting in fashion prison, where he's been plotting his revenge on Derek using Derek Jr. As you can imagine, things don't work out in Mugatu's favor, and the evil fashionista ended up exploding in a glitter bomb. Zoolander 2may have ended with Mugatu's colorful death, but is Mugatu really dead?

It's hard to believe that anything as serious and real as death would stick in the Zoolander universe. We're talking about a franchise that gave Derek Zoolander's Magnum look magical powers and made Kiefer Sutherland pregnant with Hansel's baby. However, as evidenced by the shocking death of Derek's wife Matilda, some deaths are permanent. (Though Matilda did make an appearance in Zoolander 2 as a ghost.) Still, it's hard to believe that Mugatu, with his white hair and extravagant style, could ever truly die.


That said, it's kind of impossible to imagine what Mugatu could do after trying to kill Derek Jr. In Zoolander 2, instead of plotting to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mugatu had his eyes set on making Derek Jr. a human sacrifice under the ruse that Derek Jr.'s blood is the legendary Fountain of Youth. (Yeah, that happened.) When his plan to cut out Derek Jr.'s heart failed, Mugatu shifted gears, taking out a bedazzled bomb designed by Philippe Starck and Al-Qaeda. Alas, Mugatu's evil ways were no match for the power of Derek, Derek Jr. and Hansel's model good looks, and the bomb ended up exploding in Mugatu's face! However, this being Zoolander, the heroes weren't covered in Mugatu's blood and dismembered body parts. Instead, the bomb exploded in a cloud of thick confetti — the bomb was a glitter bomb! Despite the absence of Mugatu's dead body, it appears that the villain died in the scene. But, it wouldn't surprise me if Mugatu lived to see another day, or, at least, another Zoolander movie.


For one thing, the comedy franchise is so wacky and ridiculous that it would be foolish to think the laws of nature apply. More importantly, if Mugatu has proven anything in the past two films, it's that he's an evil genius with a knack for a good disguise. Who knows, maybe Mugatu isn't so dead after all.

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