Where Is The Copy Girl From 'Friends' Now? Angela Featherstone Is Still Rocking The Acting Game

If you're able to hear the phrase "on a break" and not scream "We were on a break!" into the face of someone you love, then congratulations, that means you're a stronger person than I. It also means you might not be interested in where the copy girl from Friends is now, but I refuse to believe either thing is true of anybody, so I'm gonna tell you anyway. Just to remind you, I'm referring back to Season 3, Episode 15, when Ross becomes so needy that Rachel insists they take a break, in the episode aptly named, "The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break.". I'm sure I don't have to remind you, because either Rachel or Ross reminded you in every episode afterward, but, during said break, Ross gets wasted and sleeps with Chloe the copy-girl. And then the whole world explodes. Seriously, nothing is ever the same after that, and I'm not even get into who's right in this situation, because they both are, and they're also very very wrong, and UGH JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

We know how Ross and Rachel ended up, but what has Chloe been up to since 1997, when this episode aired? Well, first we should find out her real name, right? It's Angela Featherstone, which is totally kickass, and she's a Canadian actress who's still working today, at age 50. So it's safe to say that she has not been on a break. (Sorry, I had to.) Her most recent big-name billing was a cameo on Girls, where she played Jame in the 2013 episode "Bad Friend," and she's also worked on shows from Seinfeld to The Mentalist to The Twilight Zone to a recurring role on The Guardian.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Featherstone also currently has a movie in post-production called My Dead Boyfriend, and you may have also spotted her in movies like Con Air and The Wedding Singer; according to IMDb, she's worked steadily since the late 1980s, before Friends even began. In addition, Featherstone has credits in another arenas, including writing nonfiction — she supposedly has a memoir in progress — and teaching, as an adjunct instructor at UCLA in their Professional Producing Program.

Man, this is all so cool! Part of me thought I'd go to look up copy-girl Chloe and she would've fallen off the map, so I'm happy to be proved wrong by such an extensive and successful career. I'm very glad that Featherstone didn't let the drama of two fictional human beings slow her down.

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