Does Ben Know 'The Bachelor' Contestants' Last Names? There's A Few Things He Might Not Know About The Women He's Falling For

I've been a fan of The Bachelor since the very beginning, meaning I've heard all of the criticisms the show can receive. They don't really know each other, how can you fall for someone when he's dating 20 other women... nothing new. Usually, I just tune out the haters who bring up the fact that the show takes place over a relatively short amount of time and (usually) results in an engagement. But there is one glaring thing that I've always wondered about the show and it's timeline of love... Does the Bachelor even know the last names of the women?

Over the course of this season, Ben has the opportunity to get to know some amazing women. But, I can't help but wonder if he knows one of the most basic thing about them: their surname. When the women get out of the limo, they don't introduce themselves by first and last name, and, not long after, Ben and the women are making out... so is there a time in between where the women get to tell Ben what their last name is, or is he going to just propose to someone without knowing that little tidbit?

Maybe that conversation takes place and the cameras just don't show it. It's not a particularly ~sexy~ conversation, like, "Oh, the 'w' is like a 'v' sound, and the emphasis is on the second syllable." I'm OK with not seeing that happen. Also, I have a feeling Ben gets a binder at the beginning of the show with the names and photos of women so he can learn their names quickly, so last names are probably included in that.

This thought got me thinking about what else Ben probably doesn't know about the women...

Their Handwriting

Now that we're not in school anymore — and most of us aren't writing hand-written love notes a la Ryan to Trista — does anyone even know what their friends' handwriting looks like? If Ben received a love note from one of the women, without it signed, would he even be able to tell who sent it?

If They're Messy

Maybe this is why so many Bachelor couples fail in the end.

Weird Habits

Aka, if and when Ben and I end up together, how is he going to find out I have an irrational fear of dirty silverware?

Phone Number

So, will Ben propose and then have to ask his fiancee for her phone number? This also includes: texting culture (aka, are they way too liberal with "LOL"?).

How They Are With Spiders

It says a lot about a person!

Their Favorite TV Shows

OK, there is probably a point in production that this comes up, but once again, not a very sexy conversation. Still, I'd love to hear Ben and a date debate the seventh season of Dexter.

While none of these are huge factors in the success of a relationship, you can't help but wonder if Ben is going to know what to type in on Facebook when sending the chosen lady a friend request.

Images: Eniac Martinez/ABC; Giphy (6)