12 Reasons To Date An Only Child

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I have recently found out that people have a preconceived notion about only children. Apparently, some think that we are not well adjusted and are difficult to deal with. Well, let me tell you something. We might be! I cannot speak for all only children out there, but statistically speaking I feel like there is a big chance that one of us is not very well adjusted and is difficult to deal with. But that doesn't mean we all are. And it also means that you might just be missing out on some great lovin' by not giving only children a fair shot.

Don't count us out! There are so many perks of dating an only child. For starters, you have fewer things to remember. Just think about how many birthdays, complicated names, and significant facts you had to memorize about your last girlfriend or boyfriend? I bet there were even more depending on how many siblings your significant other had. All you have to know about me are things about me. I don't have a brother who is a sophomore at Duke and almost got kicked out because he flashed his Lit professor. I also don't have a sister who is taking a break from Vassar in order to pursue a lucrative modeling deal in Paris. I have facts about me, my parents and my two grandmothers. Anything else is considered extra information. Like I said — perks. So here is a list of all reason why you should be dating an only child as soon as you can.

1. We Are Independent, And We Like That You Are Too

You don't need to be all up in our business all the time. We are pretty low maintenance. Treat us well, make sweet love to us on the reg and just chiiiiiiiiiiiiiill. We are also big fans of your independence. As long as you stay faithful we don't need to be around each other all the time.

2. We Are Super Adjusted Around Adults

While some of us still have hurtles to overcome, we are well adjusted around adults (aka your parents). You don't have to worry about us saying something weird because we have grown up, exclusively, around adults. There were no silly fights over mud pies in the backyard. We were looking at the New Yorker from day one.

3. We Get Why You Don't Want To Share Your Fries

We understand why you don't want to share food with us. You don't have to explain it, either. We grew up eating what we wanted because our preferences were always the most important. We wouldn't dream of taking your food when we know what we want.

4. We Are Super Loyal

It might take you a little time to break through our walls, but once you do, you are in there for a long time. We are as loyal as they come. We love deeply and we care endlessly.

5. We Don't Need Your Help All The Time — But We Do Appreciate You Offering

We have gotten used to doing things by ourselves. Moving, movies, trips to the beach and putting together furniture. We really appreciate you offering, but sometimes we like doing things by ourselves. Imagine how much time you will save by not having to put together our new dressers?

6. Our Parents Are Dope

Having one kid means our parents have money left over for themselves. That also means that our parents are usually cool, relaxed, and ready to party. Our parents are cool because their entire 401K did not go towards my college tuition and breed contempt.

7. We Like That You Have A Big Family

You might not like your family, but we do. We love the fact that you and your siblings fight and make up. We love family reunions. We even like the idea of getting hundreds of Christmas cards. We'll never be angry when you invite us to a wedding. We will become your human buffer.

8. We Like Being Emotionally Open

We never got to be cute and cuddly with our siblings. All we got was an imaginary friend who your parents strongly advised against. When you get to our emotional core, we will open up to you. There will be no secret things to find out years down the line.

9. We Are Direct With Our Emotions

Having to explain exactly why something is bothering us has prepared us for the dating world. When we were younger, we talked directly to our parents about how we feel and why we feel what we feel. It might have been a lot of talking but it sure helped us out.

10. We Are Insanely Creative

Our imaginations are huge. We had to occupy our time by ourselves when our friends were busy playing video games against their siblings. Any creative project, we will find a way to make them work.

11. We Love Trying New Things

We won't say no to trying new things. New things got us friends, laughs and cool stories. So expect a yes when it comes to spur of the moment trips. Dating is so much easier when your partner is excited about experiencing new things.

12. When We Screw Up, We Own Up To It

We didn't have siblings to blame when something went wrong. Now, as adults, we own up to our mistakes because of it. We won't lie if we know it was our fault that the ice cream melted due to a poorly closed door. It was us. We did it. (Sorry.)

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