This Is How Twitter Reacted To Lady Gaga's Outfit

Lady Gaga just hit the Grammys 2016 red carpet, and she was channeling some serious David Bowie. People had some serious feels about this move, and I've pulled together Lady Gaga's Grammys 2016 Twitter reactions to prove that no matter what she does, she always manages to break the Internet. The Twittersphere has been surprisingly positive so far in its thoughts on her chosen Bowie look, but what's not to love?

It makes sense for two reasons that Lady Gaga would go all out Bowie tonight: 1. She is in fact performing a David Bowie tribute. 2. Has Lady Gaga ever opted for an understated outfit (I'm looking at you, VMAs meat dress)?

Beyond the Twitter chatter tomorrow, I'm going to say Gaga's move to dress like Bowie on the carpet was 100 percent respectful and genuine. Obviously, the late musical mastermind had a major impact on Gaga, and she even got a tattoo of Bowie's Aladdin Sane album cover (yes, the one with the blue lightening bolt across his face).

Her specific Bowie-honoring look tonight included firecracker red hair poufed back, an electric blue tuxedo jacket with major embellishments, and stunner red platform shoes. I have zero doubts Bowie would be especially touched by the move.

Of course, my opinion is in no way the only one that matters, and here are some major themes for what other people are thinking about Gaga's 2016 Grammys look.

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Those that bow down to her:

Those that dug the tribute:

Those that feared her shoes:

And the ones that just didn't exactly get it:

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