Justin Bieber Throws A Guitar At The Grammys, Completes Transition Into Serious Adult Musician

When Justin Bieber started out his Grammys performance playing guitar, I was all, "Yeah! Good for him!" He was getting back to his YouTube video roots, while reminding us that he can do more than dance awkwardly in a music video. But then, as he moved from "Love Yourself" to "Where Are U Now," Justin Bieber threw his guitar and it got all rock 'n roll up in there.

The only thing was, it maybe shouldn't have gotten all rock 'n roll because the sound didn't really mesh well with what is originally an electronic song. What came after definitely threw me off as a huge fan of the New Bieber Triumvirate Of Songs: "Sorry," "What Do You Mean," and "Where Are U Now." (I know, I know. I'm a late bloomer Belieber. But better late than never, right?) I wanted to hear the classic version of the song, but instead we got a strange mashup that didn't really work.

That said, the guitar throwing was pretty great. It was like he wanted to throw it hard and make it crash all over the place, but it just kinda... fell over. I feel like he wanted to have this badass moment and it didn't quite make it there. I can't hate too much though, after years of hearing about Bieber's many questionable moments, I'm now at a place where I find him endearing, and this guitar throwing was definitely endearing in its own way. Check it out for yourself!