Justin Bieber's 2016 Grammys Performance Of "Where Are U Now" Turns An EDM Song Into Rock — VIDEO

Justin Bieber is now a Grammy winner. The pop star took home his very first trophy for "Where Are U Now," his collaboration and comeback hit song with Skrillex and Diplo. To celebrate, Justin Bieber performed "Where Are U Now" at the 2016 Grammys and the EDM song was given a rock twist for the audience in Los Angeles' Staples Center. While I personally love this song and love mashups, this one was a little off. The song still contained the now-famous Bieber voice/flute noise, but there was a certain charm about it missing.

The Biebs began his time on stage by singing the acoustic "Love Yourself" and then threw his guitar. What a way to start a performance. From there, he joined Skrillex and Diplo on the main stage where I heard a distinct difference in the song I know, love, and have blasted on repeat in my car since I first heard it last March. The drums were not the same. There was an electric guitar riff. But luckily, Bieber was his same old self, singing his heart out to the song that made him a star once again after a rough patch. I was disappointed that he didn't dance it up as much as I expected, but once he shed his Leopard print jacket, he finally got his dance on by the end.

It wasn't as acrobatic as his incredible MTV Video Music Awards performance last year, which inspired tears from him, the audience, and me, too. Bieber is a great singer, but he's even better when you let him dance to the music — especially if it's an EDM song. And on that note, EDM songs aren't rock songs — let "Where Are U Now" be the catchy, amazing, Grammy-winning dance song that it is, and let Bieber dance to it.

But no guitar throwing needed. Let's keep the Grammys classy.

Watch some of the performance below.

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