Tom Schwartz Upsets Katie Not Once, But Twice On ‘Vanderpump Rules’ & His Behavior Sends Waves Through The Group

Oh, sweet, darling Schwartzy. Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules was just not your night, was it? Last week, we saw Tom Schwartz call out Stassi for casting Katie aside when Katie remained friends with Scheana after the private tape scandal. So how'd the conversation go? Here’s a quick recap: Tom Schwartz laid into Stassi. The ex-SURver cried. Schwartz continued to lay into Stassi. The ex-SURver cried some more. Because Schwartz is a human, he felt bad for making Stassi cry. And then, Schwartz went rogue. Sympathy won over, and sweet, darling Schwartzy invited his fiancé’s sobbing ex-best friend to their engagement party without running it by his fiancé first. Uh oh. And on Monday’s ep, we saw Schwartz break the Stassi invitation news to fiancé Katie. And Katie was not cool with it. Tearing up, she told Schwartz that she has mourned her ex-friendship, and said she has finally moved on. She was no where near ready to make nice with her at their engagement party. But now she sort of has to.

As news of Stassi’s invite rippled through the Pump Rules cast, the others were stunned that Schwartz would welcome SUR Enemy Number One to this particular celebration. Some (namely Jax) were flat-out mad. In the final scene of the episode, Jax went so far as to tell Schwartz that Stassi only reached out to him because he’s “the weak link.” Schwartz shut down, but the other Tom swooped in. Sandoval yelled at Jax for kicking Schwartz when Schwartz was down, Jax yelled at Sandoval for thinking he’s the number one guy in the group, and the two and their egos sniped at each other. Schwartz left the room mid-snipe sesh. But before the Pumpers could apologize and make amends, the episode ended. CURSES. What a cliffhanger. A real pumphanger.

AS IF THIS WASN’T ENOUGH, our sweet, darling Schwartzy also decided to quit LVP Sangria on this week's ep. Yes, he quit the gig before ever actually working for the brand. The reason: He didn’t want it to get in the way of his modeling/acting career. Lisa Vanderpump was disappointed in this decision. Tom Sandoval was disappointed in this decision. Katie was really disappointed in this decision. Toward the end of the episode, Katie told Schwartz that he needs to let go of the macting "pipe dream" and commit to a real job like she did. He insisted that he is trying to figure his future out, but he doesn't want to give up on the modeling/acting grind. He made a dismissive comment about Katie's ex-macting career, and that really set off Katie. And once again, the episode drew to a close before we viewers got our resolution. Yet another pumphanger.

All of this Schwartz drama had me looking at the TV screen like:


Image: Bravo