10 Ways to Wake Up with Gorgeous Curls (Even if Your Hair is Straight)

Waking up with perfectly intact curls can be a struggle — even if you do have naturally curly hair. If you have straight hair, you may have given up hope of ever getting up in the morning to beautiful bouncing curls. But all hope is not lost! Waking up to great hair starts with a volumizing shampoo and ends with a spritz of a curl-enhancing hairspray, and in between, there's a wealth of things you can do to make sure your curls survive the night.

There are a few easy tricks you can try before bed to encourage your hair to hold a curl. These magic-making products (like rollers and diffusers) won't be deterred by thin hair without volume or stick-straight hair that refuses to bend. (The rollers and clips may make you look like you're on an episode of I Love Lucy, but there's a reason women used to wear them to bed every night — it's because they work). Save yourself the headache in the morning and wake up to gorgeous curls by taking a little extra time to prep your hair at night. Whether you've never tried to make curls happen before or you gave up a long time ago, it's time to give the overnight curl a chance.

Build Up Body and Repair Breakage With Biotin Shampoo

Jason Thin-To-Thick Extra Volume Shampoo, $12, Amazon

Having perfect curls starts with killer volume. Jason Thin-To-Thick Extra Volume Shampoo fluffs and prepares hair with mild botanical cleansing agents and natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids that wash your hair and scalp. The shampoo adds body to thin, flat hair, making sure it's ready to hold your curls. The brand guarantees your hair will feel at least 10 percent fuller after your first use, and there's nothing better than clean hair and extra volume.

Encourage Bounce With Watermelon and Edelweiss Flower Extract Mousse

Oribe Curl Shaping Mousse, $38, Amazon

Applying a handful of this Edelweiss flower and watermelon-infused curl-defining mousse gives hair a serious surge of volume — and additional hold. Its sweet almond oil hydrates hair for maximum elasticity and bounce, and hydrolyzed wheat protein adds thermal protection and repairs heat damage. Whether you use a diffuser or air-dry, you can work this moisturizing, frizz-fighting lather into your roots to ensure curls stay intact despite the elements. One user said converting to this product (at her stylist's suggestion) leaves her with "perfect soft, bouncy spirals every time."

Create a Low-Heat Curl With Molecular Steam Rollers

Molecular Steam Hairsetter , $41, Amazon

To avoid needing to style your whole head with damaging hot tools, use these much gentler molecular steam hairsetters. The only curlers you'll ever need, this complete set of 24 foam rollers condition hair as they steam curls into place, and the shape sets in under ten minutes. A diffuser can be applied to quicken the process for 30-second curls, and a compact traveling case means you don't never have to leave your good hair day at home.

Fight Against Frizz By Diffusing With Ionic Technology

Bed Head Curlipops Diffuser, $25, Amazon

Take precautions against frizzy hair by taming tresses with this diffuser dryer. Free of any excess parts you'd have to match up to your dryer, this all-in-one tool has two heat and speed settings for ultimate control, while tourmaline and ionic technology assures hair has massive shine once it's dry. Users say the short fingers let their hair dry more quickly than with other market diffusers.

Secure Curls in Place With Flexible Plated Steel Clips

Marianna Superior Hair Curl Clips (80 count), $7, Amazon

The Marianna Superior Hair Curl Clips will hold each curl as you sleep with flat, plated steel prongs — and that means no awkward creases when you wake up. Just section off your curls and twist them up, pinning them securely at the root and misting with a curling hairspray. That way, they won't get all crunched up while you toss and turn throughout the night.

Mist With a Curling Hairspray to Hold

Deva Curl Flexible Hold Hair Spray, $18, Amazon

Before hitting the hay, lightly mist with the Deva Curl Flexible Hold Hair Spray to inject hair with nourishing Rosemary extract. The spray is made specifically for holding curls, which makes it flexible enough to allow hair plenty of natural movement and bounce. Users love that it's not too sticky or heavy for fine hair.

Protect Your Pinned Style With A Cotton Night Cap

C asualbox Night Cap Beanie, $21, Amazon

To protect your curls from all kinds of damage while you sleep, there's noting better than the night cap beanie. It's made from 100-percent natural cotton, so it glides easily against your hair to avoid any breakage, snags, or friction from your pillow. It's lightweight and breathable, so your head won't feel hot and sweaty all night. Plus, it's stylish enough to fool your roommate into thinking you just wear regular beanies to bed.

When You Wake, Sharpen Curls With Smoothing Ceramic Technology

Perfectwo Studio Ceramic Curling Wand, $11, Amazon

The Perfectwo Curling Wand is the No. 1 best seller because of the ceramic technology that leaves your hair soft and smooth, instead of burnt and damaged. When you wake up, wrap the pieces of hair around the wand that might have fallen throughout the night. (Try smaller sections if your hair is super straight, so it'll hold a curl even better.) As an extra bonus, it has an automatic shutoff feature after 60 minutes, so you'll never have to freak out once you get to work, wondering if you left it on.

For Waves, Use the No. 1 Best-Selling Waving Iron

Bed Head Deep Waver, $18, Amazon

The Bed Head Deep Waver is a No. 1 best-seller because of its tourmaline technology that leaves your hair free of fly-aways and full of shine. If your curls have loosened more than intended, rock the soft tousled wave, instead of tight curls. Clamp the waver down on your hair for a few seconds, and you'll look like you've just come from the beach with natural-looking waves. Vary the sizes of your sections of hair to make it look even more natural.

Refresh Curls With Provitamin B5 for Lasting Shine

Marc Anthony True Professional Beach Spray, $11, Amazon

Reactivate your curls in the morning with the Marc Anthony Beach Spray. It was created specifically for straight hair to add volume and texture, creating a natural curl that's infused with hydrolyzed silk and provitamin B5. The formula protects your hair from sun damage while keeping it shiny and hydrated, so just spray it on your hair in the morning to revive yesterday's bouncy volume.

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