7 Intrusive Things Your Family Says As You Near 30

I turn 29 next month and lot of things have started to happen as I’ve gotten closer and closer to turning 30. My hangovers have become horrendous. I stopped smoking, even “recreationally.” I started working out after years of insisting I’d only run “if someone was chasing me,” and — oh yeah — I’m finally getting my life together. My mom always told me that your 20s are tumultuous and chaotic but if you do it right, then you’ll find everything calming down as you near the end of the decade and that your 30s should be awesome as a result. And, like a lot of my mom’s wisdom, it seems that she was right on point with that one.

However, one thing she didn’t warn me about was the fact that she — and basically everyone else in my family — was going to get nosy AF about my romantic life as I approached that 30-year milestone. I mean, granted, my family is nosy AF in general; it’s just how we are. But there seems to have been an uptick in questions I’d rather not answer as the window on my childbearing years gets smaller and smaller. And, I mean, I do get it. They care about me and want to make sure that I’m happy. But look, I’m the kind of person who puts enough pressure on my own damn self — I really don’t need it coming from all sides, too.

So if you’re the approaching 30 stage of life, get ready to face at least a couple of these seven intrusive questions about your personal life.

1. When Are You Getting Married?

I'll let you know when I know, kthanx.

2. Have You Talked About Kids?

To my partner? Yes.

3. Do You Really Think You’ll Find Someone Better?

Do you really think it's OK to ask me that?

4. What Are Your Plans For The Future?

To keep kicking ass at life. Next?

5. You Know You Have To Start Thinking About Kids? Time Is Running Out...


6. Do You Really Think He’s Going To Commit?

Like, major getting on my nerves.

7. So I Guess It Really Wasn’t A Phase?

Just stop.

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