Photos Of Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris That Prove They Won Grammys Even If They Didn't Technically Go Together

In the immortal words of R. Kelly, "After the show, it's the after party." Meaning that while unfortunately the 2016 Grammys did not give us Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris together on the red carpet, it did give us Tayvin in another, perhaps even better, form. The low-key, relaxed, full of fun after party form that is. I mean, red carpets are forced and uncomfortable, anyway. Who needs 'em? As E! Online reports, Swift and Harris were at a Grammys after party together, and I'd take that over an awkward pre-award show joint interview any day.

While some duos are all about the exposure, I think we've established by now that Swift and Harris just ain't like that. And that's totally fine. We get cute little tidbits about them straight from the source, anyway. Besides if we get Selena Gomez as Swift's date to the Grammys in lieu of her boyfriend, I hardly think we should complain. Tay totally pulled a Hannah Montana at the Grammys, and got the best of both world's with Gomez and Harris on her arm at various points in the night. The girl clearly knows how to play the game.

But back to Tayvin. How does one not only win Grammys but the Grammys? Well, you don't give a damn about what people think or what is expected of you and by association, your significant other and you spend the night with him exactly how you see fit. That's how. And that's just what Swift did. In fact, she proved that forced red carpet poses are for naught when she kissed Harris, totally carefree, for his Snapchat and had us all swooning.

As pictured by real life angel Dillion Francis, not only did they smooch and canoodle, they also just hung out with some good friends, like any ol' normal, super famous, incredibly rich, award winning couple would. I mean... I'd assume. I don't personally know any couples like that. E! Online even reported per a source that Harris was,"so excited for her," and that Swift was, "so happy to be around Calvin." I sometimes side eye "sources" but as evidenced by the pictures, these claims look like facts.

I mean, just look at them. Can we start up a Grammy category for "Cutest Couple?" Who do I have to contact to make this happen?