Ben Higgins & Nick Viall Sing Along To The Backstreet Boys, Need To Start A ‘Bachelor’ Boy Band ASAP — VIDEO

OK, fellow Bachelor fans, I am about to show you something that will make your day. Remember how basically everyone from every season of the show ever was in attendance at the Bachelor 20 special that aired on Sunday? The best moment of the night didn't air on ABC. But fortunately, those of us who weren't lucky enough to snag an invite to Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding are able to see it, thanks to Ashley Iaconetti filming it for us and sharing it on Instagram. So what am I talking about? Oh, nothing. Just the fact that Ben Higgins and Nick Viall danced and lip-synched to the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way," and you need to see the video for yourself to fully appreciate the glory of this moment.

And aside from sending Iaconetti a fruit basket for bringing this beautiful footage into our lives, there's only thing we can do from here: Encourage these guys to form an actual boyband. OK, so they're not exactly One Direction, but this performance alone proves that they're actually pretty well suited for the gig — and not just Higgins and Viall, either, although this video is a pretty solid audition.

A lot of bands and musicians get their start on reality TV, so really, I shouldn't be surprised at all about this development, since The Bachelor franchise is just about as reality as it gets (well... kinda). It might not be a music show, but it's more than prepared these guys for boyband stardom, and here's why.

They're All Good Looking

I'm just saying, have you ever seen a bad looking boyband member? No, you have not.

They're All At Least A Little Good At Performing

As realistic as I like to pretend the Bachelor shows are, we all know there's gotta be at least a little acting involved. Being on The Bachelorette is actually like bootcamp to teach people how to entertain... even if that's not its direct purpose.

They Don't Mind Doing Embarrassing Things On Camera

Humiliating yourself in front of millions is just part of being on The Bachelorette, so any of the guys who have been on the show must be comfortable doing crazy things in front of a large audience. It's what they signed up for.

They All Seem To Love Each Other

It's a proven fact that being on a Bachelor show brings people together for life, so if they're going to spend all their time together anyway, could they at least record an album or two?

Since Bachelor Nation loves a good spinoff, let me pitch this one to you, ABC. Former Bachelorette castoffs audition for the chance to be in the very first Bachelor boyband, with Chris Harrison acting as the Simon Cowell of the show. So many people would watch it, including me. I'll be waiting for your call!