24 Actually Funny Jokes About Hillary Clinton That Even The POTUS Candidate Would Laugh At

It may appear as though Hillary Clinton eats, sleeps, and dreams the presidency, but when you picture her having imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt — which she has — the dogged candidate may seem a little more relatable. Though she's intensely serious when it comes to winning that seat in the Oval Office, her personality off camera suggests Clinton can laugh at herself every once in a while. And heck, for someone who is constantly surrounded in scandal, finding ways to lighten up the mood is a must.

Take, for example, the famous pants suit. You may have perceived it as overtly professional — which it can be — but Clinton's been known to spice it up in her earlier days. In fact, she's been rocking the pants suit since she was a college student. In an interview with People magazine, a former classmate of Clinton's described her school dance outfit as "wonderfully outrageous."

She also proudly claimed to have outdrank John McCain in 2004 during a tour of Estonia. Her drink of choice: vodka. Those Hillary Clinton drinking memes are taking on a whole new meaning. Now that we've established Clinton can indeed poke fun at herself, here are some Clinton jokes even she couldn't resist.


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