5 Orgasm Enhancing Devices You've Never Heard Of

Some of the best sex toys out there are the most basic ones that everyone knows and love, like vibrators, lube, maybe a cock ring— they're normally the beginner's go-to. But, if you're just getting your first sex toy and finding everything overwhelming (or you're looking to take your play to the next level), there's something you probably haven't tried — a product specifically designed to improve your orgasm. There are a whole range of stimulators and wearables that are not just designed to make you orgasm, but to make that orgasm the biggest, strongest, best one you've ever had.

There are lots of different ways you can make your orgasm stronger. Some enhancers are all about increasing sensitivity and blood flow, which results in a stronger orgasm. You can use them while masturbating or during sex— even before sex, in some cases. Others are more about strengthening your pelvic floor and getting your vagina ready for the strongest orgasms available. Think of them like an orgasm "level up."

So move over, vibrators, dildos, and lube, here's what's out there to help you step up your orgasm game big time. Here are some of the best ones you've never heard of:

1. Intensity Intimate Health and Stimulation Device

Intensity Intimate Health And Stimulation Device, $199, Amazon

OK, I know the picture looks a little scary, but stay with me. Dr. Lauren Streicher believes that weak pelvic floors are causing us to only experience a small fraction of what an orgasm could be. Enter Intensity, which she calls "trip to the gym for your pelvic floor". It uses electrical stimulation to help you do work the same muscles kegels and orgasm. At the same time. So if you're someone who forgets to do your kegel exercises, the vibrator aspect of this may just help you remember.

2. E-Spot Implant

The future is here— and the future is an orgasm implant. After a surgeon named Stuart Meloy had a patient react... ummm.. positively when inserting electrodes during surgery, he realized that this could be used to help with sexual and orgasmic dysfunction. He's devised an implant that can give you on the spot orgasms called the E-spot implant. But you'll have to wait until it's trailed properly, because the power to orgasm on demand may be a power too great for us all.

3. Fiera Arouser

Fiera Arouser, $199, Amazon

This is especially good if you're someone who has trouble getting going in the first pale. The Fiera arouser uses suction around the clitoris to increase blood flow, which leads to excitement. It's great for menopausal women or anyone who wants to have sex, but is having trouble getting physically excited. The increased blood flow is the basis of a lot of the orgasm enhancers above, so I can only assume it'll help with that.

4. Pleasure Kiss Sensual Arouser

Pleasure Kiss Sensual Arouser, $14, Amazon

If the Fiera seems a little too clinical for you, you can try this device that's in between an arouser and a sex toy — or maybe I should say dual purpose, because from what I can tell, it covers both camps. There is a bullet vibrator option, but also a "‘cup’ on the tip of the sleeve is packed with lots of soft, tickling nubs that feel amazing," and will certainly get you aroused and ready.

5. Nipple Play Nipple Teasers

Nipple Play Nipple Teasers, $20, Amazon

It's not just about below the belt. Nipple orgasms are a real thing— 29 percent of women have experienced them according to a Men's Health survey. So why don't we pay them more attention when it comes to having bigger, better orgasms? Just like the clitoris or any other erogenous zone, stimulating them correctly can lead you to next-level orgasm. Try combining this with other vibrators, or using during sex, or— if you want to join that 29 percent— use on their own and see if this is what you need to make nipple play take you over the edge.

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