Twitter Reacts To Kylie’s New Orange Lip Kit Color

Lip Kit madness is not going away anytime soon, y'all. ICYMI — Kylie Jenner has a new orange Lip Kit color, and as you can imagine, the fans are freaking out. But like, can you blame them? Orange was totally unexpected.

So technically, Kylie hasn't officially announced this color, but she did post a snap to Instagram on Tuesday at New York Fashion Week, saying that her friend Jordyn "may" be wearing a new Lip Kit color. And the orange-y, coral shade is giving you just another reason to wish spring would hurry up and get here ASAP!

Even though it's not official yet, Kylie has totally teased her fans in the past about her Lip Kits, so putting us through the agony of making us wait for official word is something I would not put past her. Plus, the anticipation just makes it even more exciting, right?

I'm guessing that the color will probably be available in the near future, given that it's already being worn by her friend and spring is right around the corner and all, but Twitter is not having the whole "be patient" thing, and people have already seriously lost their chill over it.

But this color is pretty great, so can you really blame them?

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