Why Is Beyonce Keeping Quiet About Her Next Album? There Could Be A Number Of Reasons

With the recent release of "Formation," members of the Bey Hive can't help but find themselves wondering when the Queen will drop a new album. There's been all sorts of gossip and rumors surrounding the inevitable event, but no one is certain why Beyoncé is keeping quiet about a new album. I mean, the real answer is because Bey does whatever she d*mn well pleases thank you very much — but what goes into that? Why isn't there any new information about Beyoncé's next album now that she's dropped one single that will more than likely be on it?

When Beyoncé dropped her self-titled album in 2013, she did it in conjunction with a world tour and a Super Bowl performance. This time, the "Formation" world tour has been announced, and a Bey has already put on a Super Bowl performance that wowed us all... so it has to be only a matter of time before she gives us that sweet, sweet album we so long for, right? So, where are the hints about when the album is coming, or what to expect from it?

The following are the theories on why Queen Bey is keeping on the DL about what may be her greatest release ever.

1. It's A Surprise Album


Maybe Beyoncé's not telling us when she's going to drop it because she's trying to pretend it's all of our birthdays and she's giving us the best gift ever. She dropped a surprise album on us in 2013, so it's possible she could do it again.

2. The Marketing Is Going To Come Through TIDAL


It could be possible that Beyoncé isn't going to talk about the album herself at all — and instead let TIDAL handle its marketing. Considering her music video for "Formation" was first made exclusively available on there (not to mention TIDAL is owned by her husband Jay Z), this would make sense.

3. She's Waiting Until Her "Formation" Tour Starts


Maybe she will drop her songs when her tour begins at the end of April? So when people hear the songs at her shows they'll be surprised? That would be pretty cool.

4. There Is No Album


Sure, there've been hints about the album from fellow artists, and even Bey's stylist, Ty Hunter, told Watch What Happens: Live that the album was wonderful — but what if it's all not true?

I think I'm getting a little too paranoid.

5. Timing Is Everything

If timing is important, maybe the wait and the secrecy has a symbolic reasoning: Bey feels a special connection with the number four. I mean, think about it: Her fourth album was called Four, and she said in an interview with Good Morning America back in 2011 that:

My birthday is on the fourth. My mother's birthday is on the fourth. My husband's birthday is on the fourth. I got married on the fourth.

So... maybe she will release the album on April 4, 2016: the fourth day of the fourth month of the year 2016 (also, four times four equals 16... 2016). Yeah, that would really be some serious thought towards timing, but would you expect any less from Bey?

All I can do is theorize and make guesses about why Bey is keeping her mouth shut about her next album. At this point, we can only hope that the Queen gives something to her people soon. We are desperate!

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