How Does Leslie and Ann's 'Parks and Rec' Goodbye Rank Among These 6 TV Farewells?

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Oh, man. It's a day later, and we're still not over last night's sweet, painful episode of Parks and Recreation. Or, more specifically, that final scene between Leslie and Ann. Watching the former city councilwoman say goodbye to her beautiful tropical fish was heartbreaking, and by the end of the night, Ann and Leslie were certainly not the only ones sobbing their eyes out.

It's hard to imagine a future for Parks and Rec without one of the best friendships on TV taking center stage, but, unfortunately, we're going to have to, now that Ann and Chris have moved all the way to Michigan. Thankfully, there's precedent to help us cope; on several other shows, past goodbyes between best friends or moms and daughters have reduced us to puddles of tears. Brave enough to re-visit? Read on.

Image: NBC

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