How Does Leslie and Ann's 'Parks and Rec' Goodbye Rank Among These 6 TV Farewells?

Oh, man. It's a day later, and we're still not over last night's sweet, painful episode of Parks and Recreation. Or, more specifically, that final scene between Leslie and Ann. Watching the former city councilwoman say goodbye to her beautiful tropical fish was heartbreaking, and by the end of the night, Ann and Leslie were certainly not the only ones sobbing their eyes out.

It's hard to imagine a future for Parks and Rec without one of the best friendships on TV taking center stage, but, unfortunately, we're going to have to, now that Ann and Chris have moved all the way to Michigan. Thankfully, there's precedent to help us cope; on several other shows, past goodbyes between best friends or moms and daughters have reduced us to puddles of tears. Brave enough to re-visit? Read on.

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Ann and Leslie's Goodbye on 'Parks and Rec'

The scrapbooks. That party. Those promises to always talk on the phone during State of the Unions and Oscar red carpets. It was all already too much, and that was before the scene that tore our hearts to pieces.

In the final moments of the episode, a holding-it-together Leslie reminded Ann about the sandwiches, mixed CDs, and caffeine-free iced tea she’d packed, and the women assured each other that it was all normal, not a big deal. Yet the emotion on their faces said it all; they meant the world to each other, and saying goodbye was unimaginably hard.

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Rory Leaves for College on 'Gilmore Girls'

All of Gilmore Girls is a testament to the power of female friendship, but in the Season 4 episode “The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale,” the bond between Rory and Lorelai never seemed stronger. The mom and daughter, who never quite had a normal relationship, both had trouble dealing with Rory’s move to college. So they spent one last night together, Lorelai sleeping in Rory’s dorm room. When they said their final goodbye the next morning, it was simple but heartbreaking. “So, this is really it,” Lorelai said. “You good?” “I’m good,” Rory promised, and after a long hug, Lorelai left, and Rory’s forced to confront the world for the first time without her mother by her side.

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Rory Goes on the Campaign Trail on 'Gilmore Girls'

Rory going to Yale was only one of the painful goodbyes the Gilmore Girls had to suffer through during the course of the show. In the series finale, Rory, expecting to spend the summer with her mother, found out that she landed a career-making job. To Rory’s surprise, Lorelai seemed totally okay with her daughter’s impending leave, but of course, Lorelai was just masking her sadness. Later, when the girls finished packing, a finally freaked-out Lorelai offered to give her daughter every piece of clothing she owned. “Mom… you’ve given me everything I need,” Rory said, and the meaning of that sentence hit us viewers just as hard as it did Lorelai.

Haddie Leaves for School on 'Parenthood'

Gilmore Girls isn’t the only series to show a heartbreaking farewell between a mom and her daughter. In Season 4 of Parenthood, Kristina (and Adam) watched as Haddie set off for college across the country, waving goodbye to her as she entered the airport security line. Yet, just when they thought she was trying to leave as fast as she could, Haddie ran back into her parents’ arms, and the three of them shared an emotional hug. Parenthood fans knew that Haddie would come back home a few months later (and then never return again), but in that moment, the family just needed to say goodbye.

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Taystee Gets To Go Home on 'Orange is the New Black'

There are many great friendships in Orange is the New Black , but the bond between Taystee and Poussey is undoubtedly one of the best. When Taystee’s prison sentence was finished and she got to go home, Poussey unfortunately wasn’t anywhere to be found. When she finally appeared, she ran to the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of her best friend before she departed. Happily, she did; hearing Poussey’s yells, Taystee danced in the street, and the women got their chance to say goodbye.

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Cristina Leaves Grey-Sloan Memorial on 'Grey's Anatomy'

The toughest goodbye Grey’s Anatomy will ever see (and this show’s had a lot of people leave) hasn’t even happened yet, but it inevitably will later on this season when Cristina and Meredith have a final farewell. When it was announced last year that Sandra Oh was leaving Grey’s , the biggest question was, what will happen to Meredith? The bond between Mer and Cristina has long been one of the best TV’s ever seen, and their impending goodbye will be tough for fans to take. What will the women do without their "person?"

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